So here’s a controversial question: would you insert a music device into your vagina to serenade your fetus? The makers of Babypod certainly hope so (

Believe it or not, the makers claim that 100 babies have been born who were exposed to music via Babypod have had no damage to their hearing after the mom used the product during pregnancy. However, they don’t indicate whether or not the mother had side effects or if the baby had other problems after birth that did not involve hearing. Per the manufacturers, it should not be used in case of women with contractions, dilation of the cervix, high risk pregnancies, or repeated/active vaginal infections.

Positives could be that the fetus could hear music that would be soothing to it in utero, but we’d recommend some of our previously reviewed Baby Tech products that goes around the belly: the Prenatal Music Belt or the Nuvo Advanced Pregnancy Audio System.

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