Anna & Eve’s The LifeChanger Diaper Bag and Portable Lap Changer is appropriately named and is a life changer for sure! We have two other high-end, expensive diaper bags, as well as a couple of large tote bags we also use as diaper bags, and my husband and I absolutely love this diaper bag the best out of all of them!

It is constructed sturdily and unzips and folds out to use as a portable diaper changing station, complete with a belt and buckle to safely strap your child in during a diaper change. The beauty of this is that you aren’t using up space stuffing a foldable diaper changing pad into your bag, it is already built into the bag! There are also several mesh pockets that easily stores a ton of stuff such as bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, diaper rash creams, extra clothes, pacifiers, hand sanitizer, toys, bibs, blankets, etc.

The best feature of this bag and the one that my husband especially loves is that the mesh pockets fold into the diaper changing area (when it’s not in use) and everything stays stored nicely in its compartments and zips back up. No more fishing around the diaper bag frantically looking for that paci or lovey or rattle buried at the bottom of the bag while your baby is screaming and crying! My husband calls it “The Dad’s Ultimate Diaper Bag”! He also loves that the bag is simple in its aesthetic and not like some of the other brightly colored, loudly patterned diaper bags out there.

The Life Changer also has a large front pouch with a velcro closure and side pockets to store your wallet, keys, cel phone, sunglasses, etc. The convertible straps allow the bag to be worn three ways – as a shoulder bag, as a backpack or as a cross-body.

This bag is great for when we are on the go and out all day at the beach, the amusement park, and when traveling. The portable changing station is great to use on top of public restroom changing tables that aren’t always the most sanitary, or if you are at an establishment that doesn’t have a changing table at all. We even use the portable changing station everyday in our living room so we don’t have to go upstairs to our daughter’s nursery for every diaper change.

The only drawback I see is that the bag is on the larger size, and because it is so sturdily structured it doesn’t fit in the storage space underneath our stroller (but we can attach easily with hooks to our stroller bar). Also because of its size I would probably not use this bag if I am just running out with our daughter to run a short, quick errand, I would probably just use a smaller tote bag and throw in a diaper and bottle for those types of quick excursions.

As the diaper bag zips and unfold into a changing station, it does have raised sides bordering all around the changing station – I am sure our 5 month old daughter will eventually grow out of the portable changing station the taller she gets (or we’ll just let her legs dangle over the edge!), but regardless we plan on using this bag as much as we can until the day comes where we can’t use it anymore, and then we’ll store it away and bring it back out to use with our future baby number two if we have one!

Anna & Eve’s The LifeChanger Diaper Bag and Portable Lap Changer is sold for $79.99 on Amazon.

We received this product free for review purposes. All opinions are the contributor’s alone.


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