While there are so many innovative time saving beauty products on the market, you might be forgetting the most convenient multi-use products you already own. You can totally steal your baby’s go-tos for yourself, working them into your beauty and skin care routine easily while saving time and money. It’s never too early to teach them that sharing is caring right?

Keep reading for four baby products you can use in your beauty routine!

Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash

This tear-free wash may be for bath time, but it also makes a perfect eye makeup remover. You can also use them to clean dirty makeup brushes as it dissolves dirt while staying gentle enough to keep bristles soft.

Baby Magic Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream

If you do sunless tanning, you know the importance of having smooth, moisturized skin before applying. Use this moisturizing cream on dry elbows and knees before tanning. It can also be used to calm eczema and relieve chapped, irritated skin.

Baby Magic Soothing Petroleum Jelly

This diaper bag staple is the holy grail of multi-use. It’s most commonly used to soothe chapped lips, minor cuts, burns and scrapes, but I have personally used it in so many more ways! Petroleum jelly melts off makeup, can help moisturize dry patches, and even popped on as a make-shift lipgloss.

Baby Magic Healing Balm

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced your fair share of painful leg chafing when wearing dresses or shorts. *Raises Hand* Yep, it totally sucks but can be prevented or treated with your baby’s Healing Balm! The portable stick applicator makes it perfect for calming skin on-the-go.

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Miranda Mendelson has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is an owner/partner in BabyNames.com and daughter of founder Jennifer Moss.

Miranda is a long-time beauty influencer and entrepreneur, authoring her own blog, SlashedBeauty.com.