Now here is a great shower gift: a do-it-yourself Baby Keepsake Kit from Bubzi Co. This easy but fun kit comes with a white frame with the spaces, one for the hand and footprint and two for photos of your precious little one. Step-by-step instructions will walk you through using the non-toxic clay for making footprints and handprints of your infant or child. What I like most  about this kit, compared to the others on the market, is that there is less mess because you won’t need to mix or bake the clay. It is also very reasonable at just about $25. Check it out here and you’ll see how this kit becomes first on the list for any new parents-to-be!



Mallory Moss is the co-founder of and co-host of The Baby Names Podcast, along with her sister Jennifer Moss. Mallory has a PhD in psychiatric nursing and has written articles for The Huffington Post on names and name trends. She has one grown daughter, Veronica, who lives in Austria.