Have you ever wanted to offer your little one an a little something different to your standard formula? Kabrita is a brand that offers goat milk baby formula and food products as an alternative to cow milk for youngsters.

Why Goat Milk?

Naturally easy to digest protein

Goat milk protein forms a smaller, softer, and looser curd in the gut than cow milk.

May reduce eczema, congestion, tummy troubles and more

For some children, cow milk protein may be difficult to digest and may cause mild to moderate symptoms such as colic, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, chronic congestion, recurrent ear infections, and eczema.

Tastes great

KABRITA’s unique, high-quality goat milk has a mild, sweet and fresh taste. KABRITA goat milk is produced in The Netherlands, one of the leading producers of goat milk globally, and locally at America’s first Non-GMO Project Verified goat milk dairy farm.

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Our daughter, Rose, has done wonderfully on the Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula for the last week. We love the idea of giving our baby a formula that may be easier for her to digest than traditional formula, especially as we intend to start her on goat milk (rather than cow milk) when she weans from formula in the next few months. She is digesting this goat milk formula excellently, and seems to enjoy drinking it quite a bit.

We like that the scoops are smaller than traditional formula’s scoops, and that the instructions say to mix one scoop per one ounce of water. This makes measuring easier while simultaneously trying to answer my older toddler’s continuous questions and snuggle a baby who is hungry and wants to eat right away! We would recommend Kabrita’s Goat Milk Toddler Formula to other families, for sure!

Rose absolutely adored Kabrita Natural Toddler Yogurt & Fruit Pouches! We received a couple samples of baby food pouches from Kabrita last week, and they have been a big hit. Even our 3-year-old son wants to eat them along with his baby sister.

Rose historically hasn’t been a huge fan of purees and pouches, but she ate this “Banana & Natural Vanilla Bean with Pear” from a spoon and was eagerly making noises to request more! It seemed to keep her full until her next bottle and was a healthy alternative to other, less natural and healthy versions of baby food on the market today.

Thanks, Kabrita – we would highly recommend these products to other families.

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