The Syki Bath Support could be considered a typical infant bathtub, but in this household, it has been a life saver!


As a mother of two young children, bath nights have been difficult; the regular infant bath tub is too big to fit in the tub with both my infant daughter and toddler together! The Syki Bath Support has a slim design that allows for both my girls to get a bath at one time, and has also allowed greater freedom for my infant in the water. She is able to splash, explore, and interact with her sister. Plus, since she’s in the “big girl” tub, the water stays warmer resulting in less screaming. It’s a comfortable fit for her, allows the water to drain down and away from her face during washing, and has made bath time so much easier!


As with all infant products, don’t leave your little one unattended during bath time. Although the design of the Syki Bath Support provides an excellent cradling position for your little one, my daughter began rolling over shortly after we started using the product. It would be difficult for a new roller to come out of the bath, but once my daughter began arching her back to reach for her sister’s toys, she could have possibly rolled out. The Syki Bath Support has a solid base, which prevents rollers from rocking the tub and is one less thing this Mama has to worry about! The only thing that would have made our experience with the Syki Bath Support better would have been a different suction cup on the bottom to grip to the tub. Because we have a grooved tub floor, it wouldn’t stick. However, the tub doesn’t move easily once it’s submerged in the water, so it really hasn’t been a problem for us! All in all we highly recommend this tub, and use it every bath time!


You can purchase the Syki Bath Support for $24.99 on Amazon

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