The Tumzee Tummy Time Support is supposed to promote tummy time and make it less frustrating and more enjoyable for your child. The product is simple in its design, is easy to clean and has contoured sides, a T support for leg placement and a strap and buckle so your little one is secure and won’t slip out. The product is made of Polypropylene which is soft enough for infants to be comfortable but also firm enough to support their weight.

It reminds me of the Bumbo floor seat, except you place your infant on their stomachs. The Tumzee is also inclined, allowing your baby to be slightly propped up and not laying flat on the floor – they are able to see their surroundings, grab and play with their toys, and develop their neck and back muscles.

Honestly I was hesitant to use this product because it just didn’t look like it would be comfortable. However I placed my five month old daughter in it and she didn’t fuss or cry and stayed in the Tumzee for a good fifteen minutes or so just playing with her toys that were placed on the floor in front of her.

Although my child did not seem to dislike the Tumzee, she didn’t seem to enjoy it either. It was just another tummy time session for her. I’m not quite sold that this product improves tummy time, makes it more enjoyable, or that it is a product worth purchasing. As a note my daughter doesn’t hate tummy time, she’s at an age now where she actually prefers to be on her stomach rather than her back. Perhaps for a baby who really hates tummy time and gets extremely frustrated this product might help, but I didn’t see any beneficial difference using this product versus just doing tummy time on the floor with my daughter, or just using my Boppy pillow and propping her up at an incline on it. I can also see that this would not be a comfortable product to use for babies who are on the bigger side – my daughter has rolls on her legs and when it came time to take her out of the Tumzee her legs did get stuck in the T strap design.

You can find the Tumzee online for $44.99 or in select retailers.

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