Our daughter usually pulls off her socks at the first chance she gets. However, she loved the Pal Socks and was upset when she had to take them off. Her favorite animals are penguins and cats and that helped make the socks such a huge hit!

What are Pals Socks?

Pals socks come as unlikely pairs of friends.

Pals socks reminds us that the coolest way to be is to be yourself, and despite our differences, we can all be friends.

Pals are much more than colorful mismatched socks – they’re a way of thinking, of promoting harmony. Kids are really our future, and we want to help them grow into empathetic human beings… one foot at a time.

Pals Socks Website

We received the Penguin/Polar Bear set and the Cat/Dog set. We started with the Penguin/Polar Bear set and they were a hit. Even though it is summer in Southern California, our daughter insisted on wearing her socks throughout the house. We have laminate floors, and the grippers on the bottom of the socks were great in giving our running, active daughter traction as she moved throughout the house.

When we switched to the Cat/Dog pair, we noticed that the socks did leave fuzz residue behind between her toes. Likely, this will decrease as we wash and wear the socks more. After running around the house in the socks, her feet were still dry and not sweaty or moist. The socks reach her knees and stayed at that height through all her busy activities, never sliding down. There was a faint mark on her upper legs where the socks rested, but it didn’t bother her and the mark was gone within a couple of minutes.

These socks will be great in the warmer months and have adorable prints. The socks are thick, but breathable and hold up well with a busy moving child. We did put shoes on for a couple of minutes with the socks and noticed that they didn’t bunch up. Our daughter didn’t fuss as she does with some of her thicker socks when we put them in shoes.

Even though we received a Penguin/Polar Bear set and a Cat/Dog set, we did mix them up. My daughter wanted the cat and penguin together and wore them as a set. It would be nice to order the same animals together as a set, but it is fun having two different animals as well.

We had the socks in size 1-3 and they fit her well with room to grow. Our daughter currently wears a size 5 shoe. As long as she doesn’t have a major growth spurt, these socks will last her through the fall, winter, and hopefully some of spring!

You can find Pals Socks in single pairs for $9.99 or in three-pair packs for $22.50 on Amazon.

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