Twilight Names

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Names from the characters of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn novels by Stephenie Meyer. These names have been rising in popularity since the release of the first film, Twilight. If you're a life-long fan of the series, you might want to consider Twilight names when choosing baby names for your baby.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead


Main Character, Bella lives in Forks, Washington with her divorced father, Charlie. In the first book she starts off as a teenager moving to Forks and being the "new girl" in High School.


Vampire, Edward is one of the main Characters. Overprotective of Bella, he has the ability to read minds (Except Bella's) Also known as every fangirls dream guy!


Vampire, Alice is Bella's best friend, Alice is known for being a bit hyper, shop-a-holic. She has the ability to see the future.


Vampire- Rosalie is Beautiful, Shallow and Vain, Rosalie is the type of girl everyone wants to be. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and fixing cars. Nicknamed "Rose"


Vampire, Emmett is Rosalie's husband, Emmett is described as looking kind of intimidating (after all, he's strong) but he's an old softie!


Vampire- Jasper is the Newer member of the Cullen family, Jasper does have problems adjusting to the Cullen's non-human eating habits (Because of his 'upbringing') Jasper has the ability to control the emotions around him.


Vampire- Carisle is the Creator (Dad) of the Cullen Family, Carlisle has been a vampire since the 1600s, created Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett in order to save their lives.


Vampire- Esme is the Mother figure to the Cullen's, Esme is described as being very motherly and caring.


Half-Human, Half-Vampire. Renesmee's name is a combination of her grandmother's names, Renee and Esme. Renesmee is Edward and Bella's daughter. Practically one of a kind, Renesmee has the ability to show people what she has seen (Or is thinking) and she is able to let everyone in her mind (The opposite of her parents powers)


Wolf- Jacob was Bella's best friend, and Edward's rival for Bella's love. A wolf, he is described as looking older than his actual age (Because of the gene) Jacob imprinted on baby Renesmee and has his own pack.


Wolf- Sam is the Leader of the La Push Pack, Sam was the first to phase. He is not the rightful leader of the pack, but as the first, he took the role.


Wolf- Leah is the only female wolf, Leah is described as being bitter and a bit annoying, though after joining Jake's pack, Leah does become his second in command and less annoying!


Wolf- Seth is Leah's younger brother, Seth is the only one with a real relationship with the Cullen's. According to Edward he has one of the most purest minds he's ever witnessed.


Wolf- Embry is one of Jacob's best friends, Embry wasn't an actual member of Quileutes, but seeing he has become a wolf, he may be the half brother of Sam, Jacob or Quil. It's still unknown.


Wolf- Variant of Quillian, meaning cub Quil is Jacob's other best friend, unlike the others, Quil was actually rather excited to become a wolf, a member of the exclusive pack.


Wolf- Paul is the one with the temper, he is an annoyance to Jacob and actually imprinted on his sister Rachel.


Wolf- Jared was one of the first wolves to phase after Sam, Jared is the more quiet of the wolves.


Wolf- Collin means Victory Of The People. Collin is one of the younger members of the La Push pack, he phased at the age of 13.


Wolf- One of the younger members of the La Push pack, he phased at the age of 13.


Vampire- Leader of the Denali Coven, Tanya once expressed an interest in Edward. Her coven is considered by the Cullen's as their cousins because, like the Cullen's they drink only animal blood, not human.


Vampire- Member of the Denali Coven, Irina held a grudge against the Cullen's because the wolves killed her mate Laurent. She also sold out the Cullen's to the Volturi