With Special Guests Matt Mercer and Lee Perry

Episode 62 – Jennifer and Mallory talk all about gaming naming – names from video games and role playing games. Joining us is Lee Perry, former lead designer at Epic Games, and Matthew Mercer, founding cast member and Dungeon Master of the hit online show, Critical Role.

Names mentioned in this episode: Tierre, Taius, Piana, Marika, Roshella, Astro, Dino, Lara, Lily, Blade, Exandria, Purvon, Dimble Thaydeen, River, Titan, Liberty, and more!

You can watch Critical Role live on TwitchTV or recorded at YouTube.

A big thanks to fellow podcaster, Christopher Gronlund, for helping to put together this show. We highly recommend Christopher’s short story podcast called Not About Lumberjacks!

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