Episode 63 – Jennifer and Mallory discuss names from the Harry Potter series of novels (and movies) authored by JK Rowling*.

We also report on this week’s celebrity baby news and take questions from our listeners!

Names mentioned in this episode: Yarrow, Caprice, Bruton, Barley, Seraphina, Harry, Ronald, Hermione, Bilius, Draco, Hagrid, Albus, Bellatrix, Cedric, Cornelius, Fleur, Ginevra, Lucius, Luna, Marvolo, Minerva, Myrtle, Narcissa, Neville, Petunia, Phineas, Rubeus, Potter, Severus, Sirius…and more!

*BabyNames.com does not support nor condone Rowling’s recent statements on gender identity, and we fully support the LGBTQIA community.

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Names from Harry Potter