Professor Kirsten Fermaglich

Episode 73 – Part two of our series exploring Jewish Names and Identity, with special guest Kirsten Fermaglich, Professor of History and Jewish Studies at Michigan State University and author of A Rosenberg by Any Other Name: A History of Jewish Name Changing in America . We discuss how it became common after WWII for Jewish families to change their surnames and why. Jennifer and Mallory also reveal their TRUE family surname and some deep, dark family secrets.

We also report on the latest celebrity baby news and take questions from listeners: What do you think about a boy named Hazel? What boy names can we use for a girl?

Names mentioned in this episode: Childeric, Apollo, Clementine, Lilibet Diana, Arrow Fox, Elliot, Lux, Zillion, Mixolydian, and more!

Jewish Name Changing in America