Episode #10 – We talk with name expert Dr. Cleveland Kent Evans about various name myths and urban legends! Find out if your cousin’s sister’s neighbor really is named “La-a” and other crazy name legends. Then we discuss the crazy celebrity baby news of the week and then take some feedback on the terms “Maiden Name” v. “Birth Name.”

Names mentioned in this episode:

Katrina, Hattie, Buffy, Colton, Manrico, La-a, Lemonjello, Neve, Emilia, Crew, Frida, Naiella, Mabel, Mingus, Shane… and more!

:30 – Cool names we’ve discovered
3:39 – Name myths and urban legends with Dr. Cleveland Kent Evans
17:37 – This episode is brought to you by The Baby Names Workbook, the Do-it-Yourself Guide to finding the Perfect Name.
18:32 – Celebrity Baby News
28:23 – Listener Feedback