Episode #16 – Jennifer and Mallory discuss the popular new trend of occupational (sur)names becoming first names, like Mason, Sawyer, and Harper. Also Emmy Award nominees, celebrity baby news, and your questions on names and naming.

Names in this episode:
Hamza, Quarry, Sterling, Milo, Tatiana, Zazie, Aidy, Finn, Baker, Hunter, Miller, Paige, Sawyer, Taylor, Sailor, Bell, Bailey, Chandler, Potter, Duke, Earl, Deacon, Harper, Shakespeare, Archer, Ferrari, Mahler, Amity, and more!

Listening timeline:
0:00 – Names we’ve discovered
1:50 – Names of Emmy Nominees and how the Emmy was named
6:00 – Occupational Names
15:31 – Celebrity Baby News
19:05 – Baby Names Q&A