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You’re listening to the international hit show The Baby Names Podcast. And here are your hosts, the Moss sisters.

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I’m Jennifer Moss

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And I’m Mallory Moss

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And we’re the founders of

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And we’re sisters too.

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We are. Our first segment is always interesting names that we’ve found since the last episode, Mal, Why don’t you go first?

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Well, I have a couple of names. I heard the name Malone. I like it and haven’t heard it being used much. The nickname could be Mal.

I like it as an alternative to Malcolm and it followed the trend of using last names as first names. It’s also not on the top 1000 names according to the Social Security list. Therefore it also meets the frequent criteria that we get from people that the name not be too popular. It is of Irish origin and means devoted to St. JOHN.

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All right, well also in honor of her several Grammy nominations, I wanted to do a shout out to my favorite Lizzo song Jerome.

Jennifer Moss 1:13

Mallory Moss 1:14

We don’t see that name used much anymore, but now I am curious if it’ll have an increase in popularity. However, it’s not very complimentary to Jerome as he needs to come back when you’re grown. I love Lizzo. Of note her real name is Melissa Viviane Johnson. (Note: Her last name is Jefferson)

Jennifer Moss 1:32
Cool. I think of Jerry Seinfeld, because like when people were mad at him, they’d call him Jerome.

Mallory Moss 1:40
Was that his name?

Jennifer Moss 1:41
I don’t know.

Mallory Moss 1:42

Jennifer Moss 1:43
so my name I found online on YouTube is Cremaine C-R-E-M-A-I-N-E. And he Cremaine Booker is this amazing cellist and he does YouTube videos and he records, but he’s also the principal cello for the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra. So Cremaine is a created name, probably from the name Tremaine with a T. That’s a common surname. So it’s possible that his parents took Tremaine and just put a C in the place of a T which is a common way to create a new name,

Mallory Moss 2:25
right? We see that all the time.

Jennifer Moss 2:27
Right? Tremaine has a surname is Celtic meaning a family from the parish of Tremaine in the county of Cornwall, UK, so it’s a place name and it literally means circled by stone. So check out Cremaine Booker on his YouTube channel, That Cello Guy, and I must add that Tremaine is also the last name of the evil stepmother and stepsisters in Disney’s Cinderella, which brings us to the topic of the week.

Mallory Moss 2:58

Jennifer Moss 2:59
Disney Names. So unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ll know that Disney refers to the entertainment company started by illustrator Walt Disney, In 1923. Walt’s full name was Walter Elias Disney. I like the name Elias that’s cool. And he was born in Chicago. Did you know that?

Mallory Moss 3:22

Jennifer Moss 3:23
I did not. In 1901 he started the Disney brothers studio with his brother Roy and his BFF Ub Iwerks,

Mallory Moss 3:31
that’s a great name, Ub Iwerks. Ub was German by descent originally named Ubbe Ert

Oobey Art?

Jennifer Moss 3:40
I gave you the pronunciation right there.

Mallory Moss 3:43
Ooh boo aired Eve ARKS

Jennifer Moss 3:47
Ubbe, Ubbe Ert Iwwerks

Mallory Moss 3:50
Okay, well, that name. So legend goes that in their little Disney Animation company offices, Walt Disney had a pet mouse that used to hang around his desk. This inspired Ub to create an iconic cartoon character.

Walt had originally named the cartoon character Mortimer mouse, but his wife Lillian convinced him to change it. She said Mortimer mouse sounded too depressing or serious. So she recommended that he called the character Mickey Mouse because that sounded fun and happier.

Mortimer mouse, by the way, ended up being another character a rival of Mickey Mouse and ex boyfriend of Mini’s. I wonder if Lillian had an ex named Mortimer and that’s why she changed Mickey’s name. Hmm,

Jennifer Moss 4:34
interesting. Now the name Mickey is originally a nickname for the name Michael, the meaning of which is “Who is like God?” question mark. The meaning is actually a question like who could ever be as great as God? Mickey itself has never really been in the top 100 in the US as a given name, most probably due to its association with the cartoon character.

Mallory Moss 4:59
Yeah definitely Minnie Mouse his full name is Minerva, which appeared in her first couple of comics but rarely used after that. Her father’s name is Marcus. She has an uncle Milton grandparents Marvel mouse and Matilda mouse. And she has twin nieces Milly and Melody mouse. Hmm. Do you see a pattern?

Jennifer Moss 5:19
Yep. Now the other original cartoon characters in the Mickey Mouse universe include Donald Duck, Goofy the dog and Pluto the dog, although Goofy could talk and Pluto couldn’t, and I never could reconcile that anyway. Daisy Duck. Daisy is becoming a huge name nowadays because the flower name trend, Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is not a popular name. Huey, Dewey, and Louie all ducks. Chippendale and Clarice, which were chipmunks. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Ortensia the cat Oswald’s wife, Claire Bell cow, and Pete. Another Mickey Mouse nemesis, who is originally a Bear and then morphed into a big cat. Max Goof, son of Goofy. Horace horse collar, and Clara cluck, the operatic chicken.

Mallory Moss 6:10
Does that mean Goofy’s real name was Goofy Goof?

Jennifer Moss 6:14
I guess so. Goofy the goof. So most of the original Disney characters were anthropomorphize, there’s that word again, and were given people names.

Mallory Moss 6:24
I’m sorry, I have to go back to Goofy Goof. It sounds like a rapper.

Jennifer Moss 6:28
Apparently so. So those were the OG Disney characters. And now as we go through the history of Disney names, we might touch upon those that were adapted from other sources, like fairy tales and books, but we want to stick with Disney created names. Now when it comes to the adaptations some stock characters have their original names. And then minor characters, maybe not named in the original stories were actually named by Disney to make them more human, like in the first full length Disney animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Mallory Moss 7:05
The name Snow White was given to the title character by the Brothers Grimm who originally wrote the story. The dwarves were not named in the original tale. They were first named in the 1912 stage adaptation of Snow White. In the stage play their names were Blick, Flick, Glick, Plick Snick, Whick and Quee. Why Quee? It doesn’t match the rhyming scheme. Anyway, I don’t see any good baby names there.

Jennifer Moss 7:31
Nope. Don’t name your kid Quee.

In the 1937 Disney film The Disney staff named it’s seven dwarfs after personalities we all know Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Bashful and Doc who’s the leader. So I guess he was supposed to be smart. It said that they brainstormed about 50 different names for the dwarfs and some that didn’t make the cut were jumpy, Dizzy, Hickey, Wheezy, Baldy, Gabby, nifty, sniffy, Swift, lazy, puffy, stuffy, Tubby, shorty, Deffy, and burpee.

Mallory Moss 8:13
Oh my god. Well, if I had to be any of them, I’d be nifty.

Jennifer Moss 8:17

Mallory Moss 8:17
but Deffy, that’s terrible. I’m glad they didn’t name one Deffy. Do you know the Evil Queen had an actual name? She was Queen Grimhilde. Grimhilde was taken from Old Norse mythology. Grimhilde was a powerful Amazon like queen who was beautiful yet evil. She was married to King whatever and they had three sons

Jennifer Moss 8:39

Mallory Moss 8:40
Gjuki. They had three sons, Gunnar, Hogni, and Guthormr and the daughter Gudrun.

Jennifer Moss 8:47
Haha, I gave you that line on purpose.

Mallory Moss 8:49
I bet you did.

Jennifer Moss 8:50
Although I’ve heard of Snow as a baby name. It has not made it into the top 1000 in US births. I think it’s pretty though, if you can name a baby, Apple, you can surely name a baby Snow.

Mallory Moss 9:03
Yeah, but Snow makes me think of cocaine.

Jennifer Moss 9:06
Oh, okay. I don’t have that sensation.

Mallory Moss 9:09
Also fun facts. Snow White was the first Disney Princess and the first female fictional character with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Can you guess who was the first male fictional character with a star?

Jennifer Moss 9:22
Mickey Mouse?

Mallory Moss 9:23
Yep. And believe it or not, Minnie just got her star in 2018.

Jennifer Moss 9:26

Mallory Moss 9:27
Tinkerbell got hers in 2010

Jennifer Moss 9:30
Snow fair. Minnie should have been first. Now speaking of Tinkerbelle, although she is one of the most popular Disney characters. She was actually named by author JM Barrie in his 1904 stage play Peter Pan. And it was two words Tinker Bell without the E. In an early draft of the play, Barry had named her tippy toe, or tippy for short, but he changed it to tinker bell. Two words, because she was a fairy who mended pots and kettles like an actual Tinker and her speech consists of the sound of a tinkling bell.

Mallory Moss 10:10
Interesting, so let’s move on to the Disney Princesses since they are some of the most iconic Disney characters of all. The current official list according to is Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Bell, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Marida, and Moana. There is an upcoming African princess that will be added and her name is Sade, from a film of the same name.

Jennifer Moss 10:38
ooo Sade a like the singer. Sade is an African Yoruba name a short form of Folusade meaning “Honour Earns a Crown.” There is some controversy with other characters who are not official Disney Princesses, but maybe should be like Megara from Hercules, technically She’s a princess because she’s the daughter of King Creon, and Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries, played by Anne Hathaway, technically a princess.

Mallory Moss 11:11
And since Star Wars is now a Disney entity, Princess Leia is technically, oh I hate this. This is terrible. I don’t want her to be a Disney Princess.

Jennifer Moss 11:20

Mallory Moss 11:21
I don’t know she’s stronger than most

Jennifer Moss 11:23
because she’s strong?

Mallory Moss 11:24
Yes, but we’re not gonna go into all the Star Wars characters in this show that deserves its own episode.

Jennifer Moss 11:30
Ooh, names from Star Wars. Yeah, I’m gonna put that on the list. I’d have to catch up though. So have Disney Princesses influenced baby naming? Well, no one is quite naming their childrens Snow, White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, or Rapunzel. But Aurora has been climbing the charts. It didn’t do much in the original release of sleeping beauty in 1959. But after the year 2000 it did hop on to the charts, and is currently number 44 in US births. Now the movie Maleficence came out in 2014, where Elle Fanning played Aurora, so that might have helped the name come back.

Mallory Moss 12:15
One Disney Princess it definitely had an influence on baby names was Arial. The animated film was released in 1989, and between 1989 in 1992, the name jumped from number 209 in 1989, to number 66 in 1991. The popularity was short lived though after 1992 Aurora started dropping in rank.

Jennifer Moss 12:37
Ariel is still in the top 200 though. Now I think Jasmine was kind of the other way around. It was already a pretty popular name, at least here in the US by the time the movie came out in 1992. It was already number 24 in the charts, and there was no Princess Jasmine in the original Middle Eastern folk tale Aladdin, so Disney did name her.

Mallory Moss 13:03
Tiana was Disney’s first black princess debuting in the princess in the frog in 2009. The name subsequently jumped to, oh my goodness, the name subsequently jumped almost 200 spots from 2009 to 2010. But never quite made it to the top of the charts. It’s currently at number 660.

Jennifer Moss 13:23
I like that name. It’s pretty Tiana. And I’d recommend it to parents who are looking for unique names but want some meaning behind it. Okay, Princess Merida of DunBroch,

Mallory Moss 13:34

Jennifer Moss 13:35
is the main character from the 2012 Disney Pixar film, Brave. There really isn’t a given name Merida, but it’s possibly based on the Celtic name Mairead M A I R E A D, meaning pearl.

Mallory Moss 13:50
Oh from the same route as Margaret.

Jennifer Moss 13:53

Mallory Moss 13:54
And last but not least is Moana from the 2016 film of the same name about a Pacific Island princess. The name and title was changed overseas to Vaiana V A I A N A due to a trademark conflict. And then Italy Her name was changed to Oceana to avoid identification with the Italian porn actress Moana Pozzi Now Moana is a Polynesian name popular in the Maorian Hawaiian languages, it means ocean or large body of water.

Jennifer Moss 14:25
Yeah, and prior to the film release in 2016, the name Moana was not on any of the US charts at all. But then it did make it onto the top 100 for the state of Hawaii in 2017. Number 95 but then the following year, it dropped off the top 100 so that was a short baby name influence one year

Mallory Moss 14:47
and although Elsa was not a princess, her character did influence baby naming, being a strong iconic female character. And we don’t know if the popularity of Esme came from Esmerelda or Esme from Twilight or both?

Jennifer Moss 15:02
I’d say Twilight. Hunchback of Notre Dame came out in 96. And Twilight was first published in 05 and the movie came out in 08. And we first saw Esme on the charts the next year in 2009. And it started trending in actual US births in 2010.

Mallory Moss 15:21
Yeah, then you’re right, it was Twilight. So next we’re going to suggest our favorite names from the Disney universe and suggest some not so popular names that you can use for your babies today. Whether they’re human or not. So if you have an alien baby, you can use it.

Jennifer Moss 15:37
no, pets like our last episode.

Mallory Moss 15:41
That’s right.

Jennifer Moss 15:42
Disney names are great for your fur babies too.

Mallory Moss 15:45
Yeah, okay. I definitely like the name Tiana. I also like Ella, which is of course part of the name Cinderella. I’m not a fan of Elsa. So it’s a nice alternative to Elsa too. It’s up there on the popularity list though and we cannot forget the name Nala from The Lion King, which may have an increase in popularity thanks to the release of the new version this year. It is an African name meaning successful.

Jennifer Moss 16:11
Okay, I’m gonna start with the girls even though Aurora is hard to pronounce. I like it as a name. Just don’t have too many R in your last name if you use it. Also Sleeping Beauty’s other name was Briar Rose. We talked about that name previously, and I think that’s beautiful. Clarice also mentioned in our names from horror episode,

Mallory Moss 16:34

Jennifer Moss 16:35
Willow from Pocahontas. I have a friend named Willow and she has a sister named Cedar. They’re amazing women. I think Megara is cute from Hercules and a nice alternative to Megan or Maggie. Eudora is also from the Princess and the Frog. E U D O R A. And I like all the “A” names from The Little Mermaid Ariel, Adella, Alana, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Aquata.

Mallory Moss 17:05
Would you name a baby Aquata?

Jennifer Moss 17:07
Maybe? I don’t know?

Mallory Moss 17:09
How much does that cost? Aquata!

Jennifer Moss 17:10
Aquata. For boys, Sebastian I love even though it’s a crab in Disney’s Little Mermaid. from Beauty and the Beast. I love the French names Gaston, Lumiere, and Maurice, although I know Lumiere is not a real name, but it should be, Flynn from Tangled, Finnick from Zootopia, it’s also a Hunger Games name. Jaq J A Q from Cinderella, pepper from 101 Dalmatians. That’s a great unisex name. I also like Fergus from brave, Dante from Coco, Timone from The Lion King, and Zephyr from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Mallory Moss 17:51
And of course, we have to discuss Disney names. Not to name your baby Besides Quee, and in my belief, not Pepper,

Jennifer Moss 18:05
I like Pepper That’s a cute name.

Mallory Moss 18:07
No, P.U. Cruella would be one. Also, Cruella de Vil Cruella de Vil.

Jennifer Moss 18:17
Did you know that Cruella de Vil? His last name is spelled de V I L. Like devil,

Mallory Moss 18:22
I did catch that. Also Maleficent would not be good. Sounds like malevelent, which I’m sure that’s what they were going for. It sounds like Mallory too, which means ill omened as we’ve discussed 1000 times, malevolent and magnificent together.

Jennifer Moss 18:37
That’s your new name. Maleficent Moss. You know musician Pete Wentz gave his eldest son a Disney name, Bronx Mowgli, Mowgli being the lead boy in Jungle Book. Not sure how I feel about Mowgli. I think it sounds kind of teaseable.

Mallory Moss 18:55
I think you could have changed it to Mog M O G and then that would have been a better match.

Jennifer Moss 19:01

Mallory Moss 19:02
All right, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are not so bad alone. But don’t use them for triplets. I’d probably discourage you from using any of the Seven Dwarves both sets of course, no Quee, also Scar, who’s gonna name their baby judge Doom? Nutzee and Oddball, Who are those?

tramp, for sure as in lady and the, unless it’s a dog, and I’d say at this point in time, don’t use Bambi.

Yeah, Bambi is 1970s want to be model Who hangs out in Hugh Hephner’s Grotto

Jennifer Moss 19:35
Yep. And don’t use Lucifer for obvious reasons. Jiminy Cricket, although I think Jiminy is kind of cute. I can see that taking off. No Tinkerbelles. Thank you. You can use bell though, as you mentioned before, Fowl Fellow would be no good. And for sure, don’t name your baby or pet Dumbo. That’s mean.

Mallory Moss 19:58
Yeah, that’s for sure. Ursula is a pretty fine name, but it’s so identified with the blue scary thing from The Little Mermaid. I’m not sure it’s safe to use anymore. Pop culture can make or break a baby name

Jennifer Moss 20:13
true. Now we’re going to take a little break now. And when we come back, we’re going to talk about names from the Mickey Mouse Club.

Mallory Moss 20:20

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And we’re back and we’re talking about Disney names

when television became mainstream in the 1950s Disney jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and created the Mickey Mouse Club, a TV variety show aimed for kids. The Mickey Mouse Club originally aired from 1955 to 1958. And then was rebooted from 1977 to 79. And then again from 89 to 96. And I think there’s now another reboot just online. At the start of each show the kids named Mouseketeers would introduce themselves with a roll call like this roll call.

*Mouseketeers theme plays*

Cubby his real name was Carl Patrick O’Brien and Cubby is also the name of one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.

Mallory Moss 22:09
They even wore their names on the front of their sweaters, and their names were pretty generic popular names for American kids born in the 40s. There were only two more offbeat names for 1955 that is, and that would be cast members Bronson Scott and Dallas Johan. Dallas Johan didn’t last long, though. He was fired after only two weeks because he cried whenever the cameras were on him.

Jennifer Moss 22:33
As far as diversity. The original 1950s cast was almost entirely Caucasian, with only two Hispanic children and no blacks. It was a reflection of television diversity or lack of it at the time. In fact, the most famous of the original Mouseketeers, Annette Funacello who went on to make beach movies with Frankie Avalon actually wanted to change her name for the show.

Mallory Moss 23:00
yeah, she did Annette was recruited by Walt himself when he saw her in a school show, but she was ashamed of her Italian last name Funicello. She asked Walt Disney if she could change it for the show because it sounded too ethnic. But he said no, it was memorable and would make her a star and he was right. She was by far the most popular Mouseketeer.

Jennifer Moss 23:21
Now, there were some pretty famous people from the reboots for sure,

Mallory Moss 23:25
definitely mouseketeers that went on to bigger things include john Stamos who only appeared on one episode, full houses Candace Cameron, N’Sync’s JC Chasez

Jennifer Moss 23:36
Chasez I think,

Mallory Moss 23:38
um, Chasez, Keri Russell from Felicity and the Americans one of my favorite shows.

Jennifer Moss 23:45
And of course we can’t forget Justin, Britney, and Christina. That’s Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, who were all originally Mouseketeers.

Mallory Moss 23:53
Not a bad launching pad. I tell you,

Jennifer Moss 23:58
Not at all. So that was The Mickey Mouse Club and the Mouseketeers and finally to wrap things up, I figured we’d at least mention what Walt Disney named his own babies. He had two daughters.

Mallory Moss 24:14
The Disney daughters were Diane Marie (Born in 1933) and Sharon Mae adopted in 1936

Jennifer Moss 24:22
And cherry on the cake, the surname Disney is from a French surname. It’s a locational surname originally, D’Isigny. Meaning from Isigny, France, a town in Normandy. Do you have a favorite Disney name or specifically used a Disney name for your child? Write us at

Announcer 24:46
and now it’s time for celebrity baby news

Mallory Moss 24:50
doo doo doo doo doo

Jennifer Moss 24:51
doo doo doo doo doo

On the last ep we announced that Joseph and Kendra Duggar had a baby girl Addison Renee, well in just the last two weeks there’s another Duggar in this world. Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced the arrival of their first child together. A little girl born on November 8, they named her Bella Milagro, which means beautiful miracle. She was a miracle baby because Josiah and Lauren suffered a miscarriage last year in October.

Mallory Moss 25:22
And speaking of which we had a couple losses. Recently, James Van Der Beek announced on Dancing with the Stars that he and wife Kimberly are mourning the miscarriage of what would have been their sixth child. They had suffered several other miscarriages but not as late in the pregnancy. Kimberly had some health issues, but is doing great now.

Jennifer Moss 25:41

Mallory Moss 25:42
And Alec and Hilaria Baldwin also suffered a pregnancy loss at four months along, which would have been their fifth child together. We wish both families condolences and peace.

Jennifer Moss 25:53
Yeah, we are so sorry for anyone who suffers this devastating loss. Bachelor in paradise alumns Evan Bass and Carly Waddell welcome their second child on November 12, a baby boy named Charles Wolf. And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because this is the third celeb who gave their child a version of it. Fashion Designer Lauren Conrad, who gave birth last month named her newborn son, Charlie Wolf. And two years ago, actress Zoey de Chanel also named her baby Charlie Wolf.

Mallory Moss 26:28
So what’s with the wolf? I don’t know. But you can use different spellings for wolf like the animal Wolf and yeah, Wolff with two F’s and Wolfe with an E on the end. And I just want to inject here that when I was a little girl, I was told I could be anything I wanted and when I responded I said I want to be a wolf. Anyway,

Jennifer Moss 26:52
sorry, that didn’t work out for you

Mallory Moss 26:55
no wolf for me. Okay. Steven “tWitch” Boss from So You Think You Can Dance, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show, has welcomed this third child and wife Allison Holker. Also from So You Think You Can Dance they had a girl and named her Zaia. Oh, that’s pretty like Maia with a Z. Zaia joins older sister Wesley,Allison’s daughter from a previous relationship, and a big brother Maddox.

Jennifer Moss 27:20
actress Melissa fumero. From the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has announced that she’s expecting her second child with husband David. The couple has one three year old son named Enzo I like that name Enzo. It was originally a nickname for the names Vincenzo or Lorenzo.

Mallory Moss 27:39
Yeah, I definitely like the name Enzo but I’m a sucker for Italian names and they’re trending too. Orange Is The New Black star Danielle Brooks has welcomed her first child, a baby girl on November 16. She has not yet revealed the name of her child, but I bet it’s not Tasty.

Jennifer Moss 27:56
Yeah, Tasty’s real name on the show is Tasha. So that would be Cute, Tasha Brooks. And speaking of Orange is the New Black, Amanda Fuller or Badison on the show has welcomed her first child into the world. She and her husband Matthew Brian Feld have given birth to a baby. Well, they both haven’t given birth to a baby boy she gave baby boy. No name has been revealed yet for Badison’s baby. This was also a miracle baby though because Amanda has battled chronic illness and endometriosis her entire life. And doctors told her it would be nearly impossible to have a child, so take that doctors.

Mallory Moss 28:39

Jennifer Moss 28:40
And finally, here’s the segment where we take questions from you our listeners. Mal, why don’t you read the first one.

Mallory Moss 28:47
Alright, well, “Hi there. I’m a name junkie like yourselves. And I heard on your podcast that you’ll be doing a Disney name episode. Well, here it is. I’m excited as I’m also a Disney junkie. One Disney name I’ve liked since childhood is Kessie K E S S I E. Kessie is the name of a little Bluebird in the Winnie the Pooh series. I Oh poo we should say don’t name your child poo or Piglet.

Jennifer Moss 29:14
But Winnie’s okay

Mallory Moss 29:15
when he’s cute but not

Jennifer Moss 29:16
Winifred or Winnie has become popular.

Mallory Moss 29:19
Yeah, just not poo or Piglet. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard it or have any other info about it the meaning origin or why it was used for the character? I think it’d be a really pretty baby girl name, but do you think it’s too strange or synonymous with the character? Thanks, Emily. Well, I think Kessie is a really pretty name actually. And I don’t think it’s that popular because I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it.

Jennifer Moss 29:21
I haven’t either. I had to look it up and the only thing I could find was that it was a diminutive. a nickname for names that start with K E S like Kesha, Kessia or even Keshet, which means rainbow in Hebrew.

Mallory Moss 30:03
That’s pretty

Jennifer Moss 30:04
Yeah, Keshet. And I think it would be pretty as a baby girl name. I don’t think it’s too diminutive. It would be like Cassie. It’s similar to that, which is a shortened version of Cassandra. So I say if you love it, go for it.

Mallory Moss 30:20
Yeah, me too.

Jennifer Moss 30:21
And I wouldn’t identify it with the little bird because I don’t watch the Winnie the Pooh series.

Mallory Moss 30:26
Yeah. And didn’t someone just named their baby Birdie?

Jennifer Moss 30:30
Yeah, Jessica Simpson.

Mallory Moss 30:32
I wouldn’t go with Birdie but I love Kessie.

Jennifer Moss 30:35
Yeah, great alternative to Birdie. That’s 10 times worse.

Mallory Moss 30:41
Actually, I think I like Birdie

Jennifer Moss 30:46
Have you forgotten your reaction?

Mallory Moss 30:47
Well I’ve changed my mind, on Birdie. I used to love it now. I think it’s dumb. Hey, Birdie. Sorry, Jess.

Jennifer Moss 30:53
Okay, here’s a second one another Disney related letter to home. To who’m it may be concern. I just wanted to inform you that the information you’re giving people and about the name Darth is false. George Lucas did not come up with the name Darth my mother did. I was born August 18 1969. My full name is Darth Christian Medley. I was born in the morning in West Covina, California, look it up. But no worries. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the first Darth ever born everyone is so fascinated with Star Wars. They think the name never existed until 1977. Haha, lol.

Mallory Moss 31:38
All right. Well,

Jennifer Moss 31:39
okay. Darth. First of all, you know, I couldn’t find Darth medalie or Darth Christian medalie anywhere on the internet, which would be unusual for a 50 year old not to be listed anywhere if you’ve like had a life. However, I did plug it into one of those people searches and I found a Darthy Medley who is 84. But it said that one of her aka was Dorothy. So what Cleveland Evans talked about in the name myths and urban legends episode, D A R T H Y. Why might have just been a misspelling of Dorothy or a dialect? Hi, my name is Darthy, you know, or she might have gone by Dorothy because people were saying Darthy for Dorothy,

Mallory Moss 32:33
or maybe she didn’t want to be associated with the Wizard of Oz.

Jennifer Moss 32:37
Maybe, maybe because she’s of that age, you know, and it’s obviously it’s hard to search the internet for Darth Medley without getting songs about Darth Vader. I’m not sure I quite believe the email but Darth if you can send us any kind of proof. I’m happy to change that entry in the database.

Mallory Moss 32:56
You know, I believe that there will be Darth before Darth Vader, Sure why not. I mean, there’s a bazillion people in this world and a bazillion people someone’s gonna name their baby, Darth. But I

Jennifer Moss 33:11
don’t have any evidence of that though,

Mallory Moss 33:14

Jennifer Moss 33:14
So if you have that evidence out there of anyone being named Darth prior to 1977 let us know.

Mallory Moss 33:22
All right. Well, folks, we asked only one thing from you this holiday season and that is if you love our show and have tuned in more than once, or even if this is your first time and you like what you hear, please take two minutes to give us a five star rating and review on iTunes or wherever you listen.

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We work really hard on each episode and work to bring you this content with minimal advertising and it’s free. So find it in your heart to gift us with a nice review and rating. Thank you

Mallory Moss 33:51
and tune in next week when we reveal…

Jennifer Moss 33:55
the top names of the year and can you guess what they are

Mallory Moss 33:59
Yorky and Fini?

Jennifer Moss 34:01
I doubt that but I’m not saying you’ll have to keep tuning in. That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening.

Mallory Moss 34:08
We love you guys and we love our older sisters Kate and Sue

Jennifer Moss 34:12
yep we do have a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving.

*Outtro music*

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