Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

What are the most popular names of 2012? Below we have listed the top most popular baby names by year, as calculated from the names added to our users' favorite name lists. Our popularity lists tend to predict the U.S. Social Security baby names popularity lists because our members are naming future babies!

Note: Rankings combine the stats for different spellings of the same name, like Sophia and Sofia.

For regional name popularity, check out the Top Baby Names by U.S. State.

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Rank movement from previous year:
Upup   Downdown   Big Jump Upup more than 10 ranks   Big Jump Downdown more than 10 ranks  Same as Last Yearsame rank    New On Chartsnew on charts



1 SAME Liam SAME Charlotte
2 SAME Noah UP Amelia/Emilia
3 SAME Aidan/Aiden BIGUP Aria/Arya
4 UP Oliver DOWN Sophia/Sofia
5 UP Grayson/Greyson SAME Ava
6 DOWN Caleb DOWN Olivia/Alivia
7 DOWN Jackson/Jaxon UP Scarlett
8 BIGUP Henry UP Violet
9 UP Benjamin DOWN Emma
10 DOWN Ethan DOWN Lily/Lilly
11 UP Declan DOWN Audrey
12 SAME Lucas/Lukas UP Madeline
13 DOWN Owen UP Nora/Norah
14 BIGUP Elliot/Elliott DOWN Harper
15 DOWN Landon/Landen DOWN Chloe
16 UP William DOWN Abigail
17 DOWN Alexander DOWN Ella
18 DOWN Asher BIGUP Vivienne/Vivien/Vivian
19 UP Gabriel DOWN Claire/Clare
20 SAME Levi UP Lila/Lilah
21 DOWN Elijah DOWN Grace
22 UP Logan SAME Arianna
23 DOWN Connor/Conor UP Lucy/Lucie
24 UP Gavin BIGUP Aurora
25 DOWN Mason UP Stella
26 BIGUP Silas BIGDOWN Elizabeth/Elisabeth
27 UP Emmett DOWN Avery
28 BIGDOWN Cade BIGUP Juliet/Juliette
29 DOWN James SAME Alice
30 BIGUP Hudson SAME Hannah/Hanna
31 BIGDOWN Jacob DOWN Layla
32 DOWN Finn/Fynn UP Evelyn
33 DOWN Isaac BIGDOWN Isabella
34 UP Samuel UP Isla
35 DOWN Wyatt BIGUP Hazel
36 NEW Jack DOWN Aubrey
37 UP Miles/Myles BIGUP Cora
38 DOWN Carter UP Clara
39 BIGUP Luke UP Catherine
40 UP Micah DOWN Adalyn
41 UP Sebastian DOWN Natalie
42 DOWN Eli BIGUP Eleanor
43 BIGUP Theodore UP Caroline
44 DOWN Colin BIGUP Brielle
45 BIGDOWN Andrew UP Penelope
46 DOWN Nathan BIGUP Adelaide
47 BIGUP Leo BIGUP Arabella
48 BIGUP Everett DOWN Emily
49 UP Nathaniel BIGDOWN Savannah
50 UP Holden BIGUP Rosalie
51 BIGUP Harrison BIGUP Elise/Elyse
52 UP Matthew DOWN Sadie
53 DOWN Jonah BIGDOWN Addison
54 DOWN Zachary BIGUP Ivy
55 BIGDOWN Cole DOWN Genevieve
56 UP Sawyer SAME Lydia
57 UP Aaron BIGDOWN Evangeline
58 DOWN Jude BIGDOWN Sophie
59 UP Dominic/Dominick DOWN Mia
60 BIGUP Jace/Jase BIGUP Keira/Kira
61 UP Jasper UP Quinn
62 BIGDOWN Nicholas BIGDOWN Isabelle
64 BIGUP Ezra UP Zoey
65 BIGDOWN Parker DOWN Lorelei
66 DOWN Joshua UP Ruby
67 UP Adam UP Autumn
68 UP Ryan DOWN Piper
69 UP Colton UP Fiona
70 BIGUP Archer DOWN Lillian/Lilian
71 DOWN Nolan BIGDOWN Willow
72 BIGDOWN Evan UP Molly
73 DOWN Daniel BIGDOWN Anna/Ana
75 UP Max BIGDOWN Annabelle
76 SAME Xavier BIGDOWN Leah/Lea
78 BIGUP Thomas BIGUP Naomi
79 UP Charles BIGDOWN Zoe
80 DOWN Blake NEW Eloise
81 BIGDOWN Braden/Brayden BIGDOWN Payton/Peyton
82 BIGDOWN Ryder/Rider DOWN Eva
83 NEW Rhys/Reese/Reece DOWN Riley
84 BIGDOWN Bennett DOWN Victoria
85 BIGDOWN Tristan NEW Hadley
86 UP Julian DOWN Delilah
87 DOWN Seth NEW Luna
88 UP Joseph BIGDOWN Hayley/Haley/Hailey
89 DOWN Hunter NEW Mila
90 BIGDOWN Isaiah UP Julia
91 NEW August DOWN Sienna
92 NEW Atticus DOWN Madison
93 NEW Luca/Luka SAME Reagan/Regan
94 NEW Felix NEW Josephine
95 NEW Graham BIGDOWN Gabriella
96 BIGDOWN Bentley NEW Adeline
97 NEW Easton DOWN Alissa/Alyssa
98 DOWN Adrian/Adrien SAME Alexis
99 BIGDOWN Cooper NEW Gemma/Jemma
100 NEW Lincoln BIGDOWN Brooklyn

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