chicknpugThe adorable cover of Chick ‘n’ Pug hints at the humor and sweet tone readers will find inside.  Both written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler, this picture book is a winner whether read quietly to oneself or read aloud to a crowd of kindergartners.

Chick is a daydreaming, book-loving youngster who is underwhelmed by his average chicken life.  He wants excitement — the kind of life that he reads about in his favorite book, The Adventures of Wonder Pug.  As one might guess, Chick flies the coop on a quest for an adventure of his own.
He happens upon a pug and is sure that he’s discovered his hero, Wonder Pug.  The reader giggles at the idea that the snoozing, lazy dog pictured is a superhero, but Chick is earnest in his admiration and interprets the lazy pooch’s actions as all sorts of heroic gestures.  Silly, adventurous fun follows when Chick proclaims himself to be “Wonder” Pug’s sidekick.

With the popularity of charismatic smoosh-faced pugs, young children are sure to be excited to read Chick ‘n’ Pug.  The text delivers what the cover promises, and the illustrations lead the story.  This is not a tale with a deep moral or one that will keep children up at night.   It’s a cute, fun book with creative and charming illustrations and a relatable, youthful premise.  Children laugh as they discover Chick’s naivete and Pug’s sloth, but they are hopeful for adventure, all the same.  This is a great book to read to a crowd because of the large illustrations and a story that is both energetic and simple to voice.  Sattler’s sense of humor and good-natured sarcasm make it enjoyable for adults to read (really!), which proves to be a good thing since kids will be begging to read it again and again.

Kate Glinsmann (she/her) was an owner-partner of, a lifelong educator with a masters degree in Education. For over 30 years, she worked with preschoolers with special needs, kindergartners, and English language learners.

In her spare time, Kate was a stained glass artist, who built her own studio and gave classes to her local community. Kate was a tireless advocate of those in need, particularly children, mothers and refugees. Kate passed away in December of 2019.