Baby Shower Games

Here are some great baby shower games submitted by our members. Do you have a baby shower game to share? Email: contact us

1. Baby Mug Shots

Have each guest bring their own baby picture and collect it when they arrive. Tape the pictures to one big poster board and put a number under each picture. Have your guests guess which baby is which attendee!

2. Baby Item Price Is Right

Just like the TV show, buy several baby items and record how much each of them cost. Display the items on a table and have each guest write down their guess of the price for each item. The one with the closest guess without going over, wins.

3. Guess the Gerber

Purchase 8 jars of baby food and remove the labels. Put numbers on the lids with a Sharpie and then have your guests try to guess the baby food. No tasting allowed!

Guess the Baby Food - Baby Shower Game

4. Baby Got Back

Get 5 little plastic babies (available at a craft store) and put them in a cup. Have each guests shake the cup and toss the babies onto a table. The player with the most babies with their "bottoms up" wins.

5. Designer Originals

Buy plain white onesies in various infant sizes (0-12M). Give one Onesie to each guest and provide fabric paints (or paint pens) on a table. Make sure you put newspaper down in case of spillage! Have each guest decorate a Onesie for the baby-to-be. If you want, you can have Mom give awards: Most artistic, Most colorful, Most creative, Craziest, etc.

6. Pins in Rice

Put 20 safety pins of different sizes into a large bowl of uncooked rice. Blindfold each guest and see how many pins they can find in 60 seconds. The guest who pulls out the most pins wins!

Diaper Skyscraper - Baby Shower Game

7. Crossover Diaper Pins

As each guest arrives, pin four diaper pins on his/her shirt. Sometime during the shower tell everyone that if someone sees you crossing your legs, they get to take your diaper pin. The person with the most diaper pins after 2 hours (or set your own time), wins.

8. Diaper Skyscraper

Have your guests stack diapers one on top of the other to see who can make the highest skyscraper without the diapers tumbling!

9. Dirty Diapers

Get 5-8 different chocolate candy bars, put each in a cloth diaper and melt them in the microwave. Have each guest guess what candy bars they were originally! The guest with the most right (without tasting them!) wins.

10. Stuffed Shirt

Have rubber balloons (inflated with air or helium) ready for this game. Whichever guest can stuff the most balloons under their shirt wins! If they pop one, they are disqualified.

11. Don't Drop the Baby (Water Balloon Toss)

Don't Drop the Baby - Baby Shower Game

Have your guests divide up into teams. Each team must draw a baby on their water balloon and then take turns tossing the balloon back and forth without dropping them. After one successful toss, they must take one step back. If the balloon breaks, they are out. Whichever team is left wins!

12. Body Parts x3

Have your guests name all parts of the body that only have 3 letters in them. The guest with the most correct answers wins. Answers: arm, lid, leg, rib, hip, gum, jaw, lip, toe, eye and ear.

13. College Fund

Buy a plastic piggy bank and tell your guests to bring spare change. Each guest takes a turn saying "I've never..." and says something that they have never done like "eat sushi", "been in a helicopter", etc. If someone out of the group actually HAS done that thing, they have to put a coin in the piggy bank. At the end of the game, the change goes toward the new baby's college fund!

14. Baba Race

Get a plastic bottle for each guest and fill it with water. At the start whistle, whichever guest finishes all of the water in the bottle first, wins!

Baby Bottle Baba Race - Baby Shower Games

15. Gift Bellies

When it's time to give the gift items, have the guests put their gift underneath their shirts. Have the Mom-to-be feel each "belly" and try to guess the gift underneath.

16. Guess Mama's Belly

Pass around a ball of string and have each guest cut a piece they think equals the circumference of the belly of the Mama-to-be. When each guest has cut their string, have them come up to the Mama and test it around her waist. Whoever comes closest, wins!

17. Shower Present Bingo

Each guest gets a bingo card (Grid of 5x5 squares) and fills in what presents they predict the Mama-to-be will get. The "free" space is the present you brought. As each gift is unopened, you put a chip (penny or piece of paper) on the square if you were right. Whoever gets all in a row first, wins!

Measure Mama's Belly - Baby Shower Games

18. Baby Name Race

Each guest is given a piece of paper and pen. In 60 seconds, the guests have to list as many names as possible that start with the same letters as the baby's parents' names. If you know the gender of the baby, do 60 seconds for boys' names and 60 seconds for girls' names. Read the names aloud, whichever guest has the most names, wins!

19. Celebrity Babies

Use our Celebrity Baby Names List for this game! Print out a sheet with the celebrity couples on the left and their babies' names on the right. Scramble them so that the couples are not next to their own babies. Have your guests match the couple with the baby.

20. Ice-Ice-Baby (My Water Broke!)

Buy some miniature plastic babies (available at craft stores) and some small plastic cups. Put a baby in each of the cups, pour water in it and freeze them. Each guest receives one ice-baby. Whoever can make the water melt first and announces "my water broke" wins a prize.

21. Memory Game

Place 15-20 items used for babies (mini shampoo, baby powder, bib, etc.) on a tray. Keep tray hidden from guests. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. Bring the tray of items to the front of the group on the table. Have guests look at the tray for 30 seconds (pencil and paper down. No Writing Yet!). After 30 seconds take the tray out of sight then tell the guests to write as many items as they remember on their piece of paper. The one with the most (correct) items wins.

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