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Names and Naming

Looking for some name inspo? Browse through our curated name lists and articles about names and naming.

95 Aztec Baby Names

95 Aztec Baby Names

The Aztec people, who flourished in Mesoamerica from the 14th to the 16th centuries, bestowed upon their children names with significance, reflecting a complex web of cultural, religious, and societal influences. Many Aztec names are inspired by nature, gods, or characteristics. Read More
Unique Girls Names that Start with A

Unique Baby Girl Names That Start with “A”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a momentous decision. It’s a name that will accompany her throughout her life, shaping her identity and reflecting the values and hopes you have for her. While there are countless names to consider, names beginning with “A” often evoke a sense of grace and strength, and might even give your child an advantage! Read More

1000 most popular last names in the United States

1,000 Most Popular Last Names in the U.S.

Each decade, the U.S. census bureau compiles the top last names in the United States. We have added origins and meanings to this list to give you a comprehensive collection of the top U.S. surnames. The background of the top surnames/last names in the United States are primarily English, Spanish, Celtic, and Asian. Read More

The Top Middle Names of 2023

Top MIDDLE Names of 2023

What’s in a middle name? The middle name often hangs out in the background, like the unsung hero of the naming game. It’s not just a filler between the first and last; think of it as the hidden gem that adds a dash of flair to your baby’s full name.  Read More

Baby Name Trends for 2024

Baby Name Trends for 2024

Now that we’ve calculated the Top Baby Names of 2023, we’re seeing some very distinct baby name trends for 2024. Choosing a name for your little one isn’t just about tradition anymore—it’s about weaving a story that captures the essence of both the parents and their wishes for their little one. Read More

35+ Holiday Baby Names

35+ Holiday Inspired Baby Names

Are you looking for a wonderful Holiday Name for your December baby? Or are you trying to name a cast of Hallmark characters for your upcoming movie? Maybe a new pet? We’ve assembled this list of Holiday and Christmas names to spark that creativity and inspire you throughout the season. Read More

How to Choose a Nickname

How to Choose a Nickname

When choosing a name for their baby, many parents are also concerned about the child’s nickname.  Nicknames have been a fundamental part of our culture for centuries. They serve as shorthand names for friends and family, as well as expressions of endearment – or sometimes teasing. Read More

500+ Unique Names for 2023 and beyond

Unique Names for 2023 and Beyond

In a world of ever-increasing diversity and individuality, parents are seeking out more unique names for their babies. Gone are the days of picking names at the top of the charts. Today, expectant parents are seeking unique girl names, unique boy names, and even unique gender-neutral names that stand out, reflect their values, and show creativity. Read More

Boy's Names Starting with A

Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is a momentous decision that reflects not only your hopes and dreams but also the unique personality you envision for your little one. Among the many options, baby boy names that start with the letter “A” offer a diverse and captivating array of options. Read More

Baby Name Trends by U.S. State

Baby Name Trends by State 2023

Naming conventions and trends can vary by geographical area, depending on its population, culture mix, immigration trends, and percentage of indiginous people. After reviewing the current popular names data by State from the U.S. Social Security office of the Actuary, we’ve made some interesting observations! Read More

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