Taylor Swift, born Taylor Alison Swift, is notorious for singing about real people— from love interests to family members and childhood friends. Listen to any of her albums, and you’ll find that several songs include mentions of first names in the lyrics, sometimes referencing real people, other times giving the song a character whose story the lyrics tell.

If you’re a Swiftie looking for a subtly Taylor Swift inspired baby name (unless you just want to go ahead and use Taylor or Alison… we cant stop you!), you’ll find no shortage of inspiration from this list of all the names from Taylor Swift songs.

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Names from Taylor Swift Songs

Name Song Meaning
Achilles State of Grace Pain
Abigail Fifteen Joy of the Father
Angelina Angelina, Mandolin Messenger of God
Betty Betty God is my Oath
Bill The Last Great American Dynasty With Gilded Helmet
Bobby Starlight, Point of View Bright Fame
Bonnie Getaway Car Pretty Girl
Brad Til Brad Pit Comes Along From the Broad Meadow
Britney Me and Britney From Great Britain
Burton …Ready For It? Town of the Fortress
Carrie Til Brad Pitt Comes Along Free
Clark Superman Clerk
Clyde Getaway Car Scottish River Name
Cornelia Cornelia Street Horn
Cory Stay Beautiful Hollow
Daisy You’re On Your Own, Kid Daisy Flower
Dorothea Dorothea Gift of God
Drake I Forgot that You Existed Dragon
Drew Teardrops on My Guitar Manly
Eloise Tennessee Famous Warrior
Emily Brought Up That Way To Excel
Este No Body, No Crime Star
Inez Betty Pure
James Betty, Style, Begin Again Supplanter
Jillian Point of View Youthful
John Dear John God is Gracious
Juliet Love Story Youthful
Leo The Man Lion
Louis London Boy Famed Warrior
May You’re On Your Own, Kid Goddess Maia / Family Of Matthew
Marjorie Marjorie Pearl
Mary Mary’s Song Of the Sea / Bitter / Beloved
Peter Cardigan Rock
Rebekah The Last Great American Dynasty Snare
Romeo Love Story, Love They Haven’t Thought of Yet From Rome, Italy
Ronan Ronan Little Seal
Sam American Boy His Name is God
Stella London Boy Star
Stephen Hey Stephen, Angelina Crown
Taylor Look What You Made Me Do One Who Tailors Clothes
Tim Tim McGraw To Honor God
Wendy Cardigan Friend / Blessed Ring

Other Name Inspiration from Taylor Swift Songs

Aside from names that explicitly refer to a person, Taylor’s symbolic lyrics often use poetic words that could be used as names. We’ve rounded up just a few below– there are too many to truly collect!

Name Song Meaning
Archer The Archer Bowman
Aurora The Lakes / Snow on the Beach Dawn
Autumn Red / Cornelia Street / Marjorie / All Too Well Fall Season
Brooklyn All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) Broken Land / Pretty Brook
Ember Innocent Spark
Grace State of Grace Charm
Indigo I Think He Knows Blue Dye
Ivy Ivy / Don’t Blame Me Climbing Vine Plant
Rain Midnight Rain Abundant Blessings From Above
Willow Willow From the Willow Grove

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