Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has released over 100 songs since the early 2000s. Many of her lyrics contain names, whether based on fictional characters or inspired by people in her life. If you’re looking for inspiration for naming your baby, book characters, or just like name lists, check out this roundup!

Taylor Swift

Tim, from “Tim McGraw”

Drew, from “Teardrops on My Guitar”

Cory, from “Stay Beautiful”

Mary, from “Mary’s Song”

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Abigail, from “Fifteen (Taylor’s Version)”

Romeo, from “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”

Juliet, from “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”

Stephen, from “Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version)”

Speak Now

John, from “Dear John”

Red (Taylor’s Version)

Achilles, from “State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)”

Taylor, from “22 (Taylor’s Version)”

Ronan, from “Ronan (Taylor’s Version)”


James, from “Style”

Dean, from “Style”


Burton, from “…Ready For It?”

Bonnie, from “Getaway Car”

Clyde, from “Getaway Car”


Drake, from “I Forgot That You Existed”

Leo, from “The Man”

Louis, from “London Boy”

Stella, from “London Boy”


Peter, from “cardigan”

Wendy, from “cardigan”

Rebekah, from “the last great american dynasty”

August, from “august”

Betty, from “betty”

Inez, from “betty”

James, from “betty” (Yes, a second appearance for the name James!)


Este, from “no body, no crime”

Dorothea, from “dorothea”

Marjorie, from “Marjorie”

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