TV personality Sarah Herron, who appeared on season 17 of The Bachelor and seasons 1 and 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, has announced that she is pregnant! Sarah and her fiancé Dylan Brown had been going through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for over a year before becoming pregnant and they were thrilled to share their news.

Sarah has been very open about her IVF journey with her followers on Instagram, sharing her experience along the way. She was eager to share her pregnancy news (as well as a sex reveal) in her post. “We can’t keep a secret any longer! Our embryo transfer was a success and I am pregnant with our baby boy! Our little 5day embryo nestled in comfortably and is measuring in at 7 weeks old today. As you may have suspected, we received our first positive HCG test within hours of me breaking my knee.” The reality star had broken her knee while walking her dog earlier this month.

She continued by sharing, “Two days later, my betas doubled, and this week we saw our baby’s heartbeat flicker for the first time. Surreal doesn’t begin to describe how it’s all felt. I’ve spent the first 3.5 weeks of my pregnancy on bed rest, nourishing myself and putting all of my energy into growing bones and organs. I believe these two events coincided for a reason and though it was excruciating, it turned into a miraculous path that I know I needed to take. The road ahead is long and I know we’ll be holding our breath until the day our baby is earth side with us.”

Sarah, who became engaged to Dylan in May of 2021, also shared a message to fellow families struggling to conceive. “I’ve dreamt of the day that I could share this news, and at the same time I’ve dreaded how I would word it. To the women and families amidst their fertility challenges; please know that I share this news with the most gentle intention. Whatever feelings come up, or space you need from my account is valid and respected. My heart belongs to all of you today. We are all warriors and I assure you I am still in it with you. I hope this lessens the sting, though I understand it may not.”

Congratulations to Sarah and Dylan on the news of their first child! We wish them good health and lots of love as they prepare to become parents.

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