Singer Brian McKnight welcomed a new baby with his partner Leilani Mendoza in January. Now, the “Back At One” singer has shared some news causing contention among fans regarding not only his sons moniker but the singer’s as well.

When Brian announced his sons birth, who is the singers 5th baby, he shared his name: Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight. On Friday, Brian revealed that he had changed his sons name to Brian Kainoa Makoa Jr. But, not only that, he had also changed his own name to be a senior of his son’s. “To the world,” he began in his post, “with the release of my new album lovingly created for him. JR. because I am also proud to officially announce that I have legally changed my name to exactly match my legacy’s.” He continued, “My legal name is now BRIAN KAINOA MAKOA MCKNIGHT SR. ‘MCKNIGHTtime LULLABIES’ the songs of a father to his namesake available now!”

Fans are taking issue with this change because Brian already has a child he named after him. His first child, 33, is named Brian McNight Jr. The 54-year-old singer has no addressed the backlash and neither has his son.

In addition to his eldest and youngest sons, Brian has three other children from previous relationships: Niko, Brianna, and Clyde. This isn’t the first time the singer’s loyalties to his children has been questioned, as earlier this year he was accused of being more supportive to his stepchildren rather than his biological children.

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