This past May, supermodel Shanina Shaik announced that she and her partner Matthew Adesuyan were expecting their first child together. Now, following her safari-themed baby shower this past weekend, Shanina has revealed the sex of her little one.

“Matthew and I are so excited to know we are having a boy!” the former Victoria’s Secret model shared exclusively with E! News. “We both wanted to have a boy and our dreams came true. I’m thrilled to be a boy mum and raise a kind, caring, loving human being. He is surrounded with so much love and support.” The first-time mom went on to share about her son, “He will be a part of a growing family between Matthew and I. I have always wanted to be a mum and I’m happy to share this new journey with my partner.”

Today, Shanina shared a video that showed when she and Matthew learned their child’s sex. Instead of a traditional gender reveal, they poured a “celebratory drink with the gender color revealed,” on the recommendation of Shanina’s best friend. Matthew, of course, would be the one to consume the drink. Matthew poured the drink into a glass held by Shanina to reveal blue liquid. The couple appeared very excited and shared a kiss after learning the news. Shanina shared that the couple sent the video to their family to announce the news to those closest to them.

The Australian model is currently in her third trimester and is due to give birth this fall. Earlier this month, Shanina reflected on her pregnancy writing on Instagram, “It has gone so fast! I have really enjoyed the pregnancy journey, so far.”

Congratulations to Shanina and Matthew on the news of their son! We wish them lots of love as they prepare to grow their family.

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