Hi Jennifer,

I’m a big fan of Dancing With The Stars, and I’ve noticed that some of the
pro’s names aren’t on the site, and I was hoping you could add a few of
– Sharna (Australian)
– Maksim (Ukrainian)
– Keoikantse (South African)
– Artem (Russian)
– Edyta (Polish)



Keoikantse Motsepe
Keoikantse “Keo” Motsepe


Hi Tom,

Great question! I always notice new and interesting names when I’m watching TV, too!

Sharna – Variant of Sharon (Of the Fertile Plain)
Maksim – Slavic diminutive of Maximilian (Greatest)
Keoikantse – Cannot find information behind this name, but I have contacted Keo’s “people” to see if they can give us some insight. I’ll keep you posted!
Artem – Form of the name Artemis (Safe or Butcher)
Edyta – Polish form of the name Edyth (Rich War)

As you can see, many of the names are just international spellings/forms of familiar names. I have added the ones we were missing to the database.


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