The Baby Delight Go With Me Chair is a wonderful indoor/outdoor portable chair that our family takes with us everywhere and that we love to use.

Check out if this mom thinks the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair is worth the splurge in this review. | BabyNames Blog

Designed to grow with your child, the chair is suitable for babies three months old up to children weighing 75 lbs. For babies 3-6 months old the chair can be used to “sit and relax”. For babies 6-12 months old the chair can be used to “stand and play” – the seat detaches by velcro revealing two “leg holes” allowing your child to stand with support. When standing, their legs and feet are also enclosed by a mesh net which is great protection from bug bites. The chair can then be used through toddler and big-kid ages up until your child is 75 lbs. The Baby Delight Go With Me Chair has a 5 point removable harness that keeps younger children secure while sitting or standing. The chair also has sturdy outrigger legs and a stable flared leg system which makes it a lasting, durable chair for older kids up to 75 lbs.

Check out if this mom thinks the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair is worth the splurge in this review. | BabyNames Blog

The chair is so simple to use – take it out of the box, fold it open, and voila it’s ready! It is lightweight at just under 5 lbs and comes with a drawstring carrying bag with shoulder strap to take with you on the go. Made of a polyester fabric, it is resistant to fading, stains, and mold, and comes in four colors (gray, pink, blue and teal). There is a cup holder built into one of the chair arms. There is also a removable snack tray but we did not find the tray to be very sturdy, nor did it stay in place very well. We will probably not use it very much. Also included is a removable sun canopy to protect your child from the sun. Although it snapped into place easily, we had a hard time removing the canopy from the chair.

Our 12 month old daughter enjoys sitting in the chair when harnessed in. But when we tried to put her legs through the “leg holes” she did not enjoy standing in the chair very much so we won’t be using that function. Although she disliked standing in the chair, we did find another useful, alternate function for the mesh-netting leg enclosure – we store items such as diapers, sunscreen, wipes, water, snacks, etc in there so they are easily within reach just underneath the chair when our daughter is sitting in it at the park, the beach, etc.

Despite the sun canopy and snack tray not being the most impressive features, we like this chair very much. We will get tons of use out of the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair for years. Its durability and potential for long term use makes the price point of $69.99 seems reasonable in my opinion . This is a great indoor/outdoor chair perfect for use on the go when camping, at the beach, the park, at an outdoor festival, and also perfect for indoor use too (we keep this in the house for when family and friends with children come over, it’s a great extra kids’ chair to have around the house for guests!)

You can find the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair for $69.99 on Amazon.


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