I have seen several “keep your baby clean” covers but none have pleased me as much as the Kiddlets Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover. The design kiddletsof this washable product is quite clever as it has eye catching circles known to attract a baby’s attention.

Parents can put the Kiddlets cover on both grocery carts (they work better on the carts for one baby) and high chairs, such as when dining at a restaurant. Therefore, you have to worry less about germs and questionable cleaning habits of the restaurants and supermarkets between uses.

You can buy this product on many internet shopping sites. On Amazon.com, the current price as of this writing is $28.98: click here for current price. This is a deal for this all-in-one cover that even comes with its own storage (need a place for a cell phone or grocery list?) and carrying bag. It also make a unique and inexpensive baby shower gift so check it out today!

Mallory Moss is the co-founder of BabyNames.com and co-host of The Baby Names Podcast, along with her sister Jennifer Moss. Mallory has a PhD in psychiatric nursing and has written articles for The Huffington Post on names and name trends. She has one grown daughter, Veronica, who lives in Austria.