The teething phase of babyhood can be a painful one for both baby and parents. You’d do anything to help relieve your little one’s discomfort, and you might even find yourself spending a good amount of money finding a remedy. Teething necklaces and teething bracelets help, but they’re usually far from fashionable and won’t see the light of day after the pain passes— far from a good investment.


But, thanks to Nommies by Mommy, you can provide comfort to your child while sporting chic, sophisticated and safe jewelry that’s appropriate for any occasion, even when baby’s done with teething.

“After my son was born I was looking for a teething necklaces that I could wear to work or out to lunch and not have to wear solely when I was with my son. It just didn’t make sense for me to spend the kind of money you see in department stores on something I’d only wear a handful of times. When I couldn’t find anything I liked in the marketplace, I started researching what it would take to make them on my own with safety for little ones as my top priority. And that’s how Nommies by Mommy began,” says founder Nikki Stephens.

As a single mom to a 16-month baby boy, Stephens started making teething necklaces about a year ago. Her designs are dainty, chic and neutral so you can really wear them with any outfit, casual or formal. Nommies by Mommy was also the first teething necklace company to use ribbon instead of silk cord and breakaway clasps, making them less clunky so they can be worked into your look seamlessly (although, breakaway clasp options are available).

The necklaces and bracelets are made with BPA-free food grade silicone and wooden teething rings that are free of phthalates and other metals. You can find designs for both you and your infants to wear, as well as wooden and silicone teething toys.

You can find Nommies by Mommy online by shopping their Etsy store, and check out their designs on Instagram.


Miranda Mendelson has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is an owner/partner in and daughter of founder Jennifer Moss.

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