My 13 month old daughter is still too young to start potty training, but we have already started to obtain some training tools such as this Summer Infant My Size Potty in anticipation of the day when she is ready to start potty training.

My Size Potty next to our full-size toilet.

The reason we got the Summer Infant My Size Potty is because it looks just like a grown up toilet. Our little one loves to mimic everything her mommy and daddy do, so we feel that the realistic look of this potty will help her understand its purpose, especially since she’s seen us use the “adult” toilet ourselves countless times (apologies for the overshare but I’m sure we aren’t the only parents who have found ourselves needing to take our baby into the bathroom with us at some point or another in this wild journey called parenting!). We feel that when our daughter is ready to be potty trained, having her own potty that looks like the one we use will help her understand what she is supposed to do with the potty.

Weighing only three pounds, the Summer Infant My Size Potty is easily portable and can be moved to and used in different rooms in your home or even on the go if you are traveling out of town. The Summer Infant My Size Potty also features a flip up lid, a removable easy-to-clean bowl and a clip on splash guard for boys. My favorite feature is the adorable toilet flush handle which when pressed makes a sound like the toilet is flushing! When we showed our daughter the potty she immediately smiled, walked over to it and sat down on it (although not the way you are traditionally supposed to sit on a toilet as you can see from the photos!). She also loved the toilet flusher and the noise it makes when she presses down on the handle. We are hopeful that the realistic look, feel, and sounds of this potty can help to ensure a comfortable, confident transition for when our daughter uses the a real grown-up toilet eventually.

The Summer Infant My Size Potty also has a built in wipe dispenser at the top of the potty however it is very small and only fits travel size wipes. However, you can also remove the top lid completely and use the “water tank” area as storage too – this is where I would put a packet of full size wipes and probably some books, toys, rewards, etc.

She’s got the hang of it… almost!

Priced at $34.99 (though constantly on sale for $26 on Amazon) this potty runs just a little higher in price than other potties which average between $20-$30, but in my opinion I don’t think it’s that much more costly. I’m looking forward to our soon to come potty training journey and believe that the Summer Infant My Size Potty will be a great tool in the process.

You can find the Summer Infant My Size Potty for $26.99 on Amazon.

Try the My Size Potty paired with our Potty Training Guide– only 99 cents on Amazon!

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