TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast episodes includes discussion about violent crimes including crimes against children, sexual assault, and murder. Discretion is Advised.

Black woman, in glasses and braids in ponytail looking to the left off camera.
Dr. I.M. Nick

Jennifer and Mallory are joined by Dr. I.M. Nick, expert in forensic onomastics, talking about Names and True Crime. Forensic Onomastics is the study of names in crime and criminals.

Names mentioned in this episode: Cutlery, Gourjuss, Yadira, Karen, Delphine, Willa, Charlee, Ember, and more!

Missing Persons sites mentioned by Dr. Nick:

NAMUS – National Missing and Unidentified Missing Persons System

Doe Network – International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons

Television show mentioned in this episode: Undercover Underage on Max.