Episode 60 – This is the second in a two-part episode about Changing Your Name. Jennifer is joined by guest host Kees Wiederspan, social media manager for BabyNames.com and a long-time member of our names community. We also speak with Dr.

Headshot of Olivia Danforth, MD
Olivia Danforth, M.D.

Olivia Danforth about changing your name through the gender transitioning process. Choosing a new name and going by your new, chosen name is a big step when transitioning and can be extremely rewarding to finally have a name that reflects your true identity.

Listen as we discuss these important issues, as well as report on the current celebrity baby news and take letters from you, our listeners!

Names mentioned in this episode:

Mallison, Malle, Mallory, Kees, Olivia, Lyra, Arlo, Wilnely, and Carlisle.

If you’re going through (or have gone through) gender transition, we’d love for you to take our survey about choosing your new name.

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Changing Your Name Part 2: Transgender Renaming