Some of the most memorable children’s books are the ones that make you laugh. I recently gathered a long list of laugh out loud book recommendations from friends, social media, and our local librarians. Together with my ten- and eight-year-old I have narrowed the top Laugh out Loud Children’s Books down to six selections, which will be shared between two posts. We hope these books will make you laugh, chuckle, and maybe even guffaw just like we did!

I Yam a Donkey, written and illustrated by Cece Bell.

I YAM A DONKEY book coverI Yam a Donkey is a funny lesson in grammar with a story of misunderstanding between a confused donkey and a grammatically correct yam. “I yam a donkey!” the donkey insists, growing ever confused as the yam tries to explain “I AM a donkey” is the correct form; “You is a donkey, too?” the donkey replies. Kids giggle along as the yam grows increasingly exasperated with the donkey’s lack of understanding. (Little do they know that they, too, are receiving a lesson in basic verb conjugation.) The book has a surprisingly dark, but hilarious unexpected ending that will leave the whole family laughing.
I Yam a Donkey is published by Clarion Books and recommended for Preschool to 3rd grade.

Scaredy Squirrel, written and illustrated by Melanie Watt.

Scaredy Squirrel book coverScaredy Squirrel is too afraid to ever leave the safety of his tree. Why leave when he could encounter poison ivy, killer bees, sharks, or green Martians? Every moment of his day is planned, and every safety precaution taken. Just look at his emergency kit: Hard hat, bug spray, parachute, even sardines! But even the most prepared of heroes can be taken by surprise, and when the unexpected happens, Scaredy Squirrel learns that the unknown doesn’t have to be scary. Kids will laugh at Scaredy Squirrel’s over-the-top precautions and worries, and cheer for his success. This story combines humor with an important topic; helping the more cautious child to confront their anxieties with a smile.
Scaredy Squirrel is published by Kids Can Press and recommended for Preschool to 3rd grade.

Nanette’s Baguette, written and illustrated by Mo Willems.

Nanette's Baguette Book CoverToday is an exciting day: Nanette’s mother has asked her to get a baguette from baker Juliette, her biggest responsibility yet. But the baguette is warm, it smells wonderful, and there’s so much of it – can Nanette resist? Willems’ classic charm is on full display in this funny, over-the-top tale of rhyming temptation and redemption. Nanette’s Baguette is one of those great children’s books that is fun to read aloud, which is a very good thing since you will probably be asked to read it again (and again).
Nanette’s Baguette is published by Hyperion Books for Children and recommended for Preschool to 2nd grade.