Actor Chris Carmack, who is currently portraying the role of Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln on the hit series Grey’s Anatomy, shared exciting news today. Chris and his wife Erin Slaver are expecting their second child together! The couple even revealed the gender of their little one.

In a surprise announcement, the couple shared a joint post to Instagram following a “fiesta” for their child. The couple shared a collection of images from the party and revealed they are having another girl! “How do you celebrate your second baby girl?? With a FIESTA [of] course!” They revealed Erin is 9 weeks away from giving birth.

Chris and Erin welcomed their first child in August of 2016, a daughter named Kai. The couple, who are both musicians, met while filming the show Nashville. Chris had a starring role in the drama as country musician Will Lexington while Erin was a background musician, who was with the series from the start.

The OC alum recalled the first time he saw his future wife sharing, “I remember the first time I saw Erin she was playing in Sam’s band,” he shared, referring to the character Sam Palladio, who is portrayed by Gunnar Scott. “She stepped up to the front of the spotlight and played a fiddle solo. She had a big magnetic smile on her face and lit up the whole room. It was a moment where the whole audience fell in love with her, but only one of us got to keep her.”

The couple went on to marry in October of 2018. Music is still a big part of their lives. The two are the music duo Life on Eris, Eris being a combination of the couple’s first names.

Congratulations to Chris and Erin on the news of their pregnancy! We wish them all the best as they prepare to grow their family.

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