Actor Nico Tortorella is a parent! The Younger star has announced the arrival of their first child with their partner Bethany C. Meyers. The couple, who announced their pregnancy in August 2022, welcomed their little one on March 5th.

“Our long-awaited baby made her entrance to the world on March 5th,” Bethany wrote before revealing their daughter’s name: Kilmer Dove Meyers Tortorella. The Become Project founder revealed the meaning behind Kilmer’s name by sharing, “Kilmer is my grandfathers last name, my mothers maiden. Dove because Tortorella means “turtle dove” and throughout our infertility journey she’s been coming to us through birds. Doves for days.”

Kilmer’s arrival was met with kismet for the couple, which they have each shared throughout Bethany’s pregnancy. The number 39 has deep meaning for the couple as they tied the knot on March 9th and their baby was due on the same date. The number came up elsewhere, specifically during the couple’s baby shower, where the address of the location was the number 39. As for Kilmer’s arrival, Bethany shared, “For those of you who have followed along and know the significance of the number 39 for Nico, myself, and baby, she was born at 39 weeks + 3 days, at 9:39 pm…can’t make this up!”

Prior to their little one’s arrival, Bethany had shared their desire to have a homebirth and had envisioned giving birth in a tent. Nico helped Bethany bring that vision to life and they shared the tent that was built in their home days before Kilmer was born. On welcoming her little one, Bethany wrote, “We had a beautiful, intense, raw, emotional, fast, safe and healthy home birth. She was in fact born in the tent, surrounded by a circle of mothers (our immaculate care team), the spirits of ancestors past and future be.comings.”

The Walking Dead: World Beyond star and Bethany have been open about the difficulties they faced conceiving their first child. The couple had tried to conceive for almost two years and suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant last year. Bethany reflected on that journey in her post and shared a message for others who are facing the same struggle. “We wake up every day amazed that we get to finally hold our gift. It was worth every tear, every heartbreak, every needle, doctor and dime. For those still on their journey to parenthood, I see you I love you. For those who have supported us along the way thank you. We are in newborn bliss and completely in love with the dove.”

Congratulations to Nico and Bethany on the arrival of their baby girl! We wish them lots of love as they embrace life as parents.

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