Earlier this year, it was reported that actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy were growing their family. Now, it appears the couple has welcomed their third baby following sightings of the couple with a baby stroller.

Yesterday, the couple was photographed in New York City pushing a stroller. A rep for the couple later confirmed with PEOPLE that the Fleishman Is in Trouble star did give birth and the couple welcomed a baby girl. However, the name of the couple’s child was not revealed.

The couple’s newborn joins the family with two older siblings. Claire and Hugh share sons, Cyrus Michael Christopher, born in 2012 and Rowan, born in 2018. Shortly after her pregnancy was announced, the Homeland star shared that her sons were “less than thrilled” about having a sibling. In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Claire revealed, “[Cyrus] was sort of resigned to it. I mean, the worst has already happened. His name is Rowan,” she joked. “But Rowan has more to lose, he has more at stake. He was categorically opposed to the idea.”

She went on to explain Rowan’s hesitations with a new family member. “He said, ‘Yeah, no, no. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I like peace, Mama.’ I was like, ‘You like peace?’ That’s rich, because that dude does not shut up,” she said with a laughed. “He said, ‘When it comes out of your tummy, we’ll give it to a family that doesn’t have a baby … ’cause we’re done.’ He was less than thrilled.” The My So-Called Life alum worked to get Rowan used to the idea by explaining, “when the baby comes out, it’s gonna be pretty dumb, doesn’t know a lot, so it’s gonna need some assistance and some educating. That was interesting to him, he liked the idea of being sort of a condescending presence. So now he’s a little more optimistic.”

Congratulations to Claire and Hugh on the arrival of their first daughter!

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