Actress and comedian Iliza Shlesinger has welcomed her first child with her husband Noah Galuten. Iliza announced the news exclusively with People Magazine. Her little one arrived on January 13th at 11:26 PM in Los Angeles, weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz, and measuring 20 inches long at birth.

“We live in Hollywood and she is the first person I’ve been excited to meet,” the Good on Paper star shared. “Mother and baby are doing beautifully. Dad’s back hurts, unrelated to pregnancy.” Iliza and Noah are the proud parents of a baby girl! They chose to name their daughter Sierra Mae. Sierra is a Spanish name that means “Mountain.” Iliza shared how the couple chose Sierra’s moniker. The comedian “wanted a unique name evocative of nature. My husband wanted an easy name — our compromise was a unique name with an uncomplicated spelling.”

To announce the news on her social media page, Iliza opened up about becoming a mother. “I became a mother the moment at 10cm dilated, around minute 60 of pushing when I realized I could feel my body breaking and I didn’t care because I was doing it for her. I had been dreaming of the moment they would pull her out and put her on my chest and I could look at her little face. I got what I came for. That perfect moment. I’m in awe of this experience: mothers who do this without epidurals, single mothers, mothers without support and just what a woman is capable of physically and mentally.”

The All Things Aside author then opened up about her choice to protect her daughter’s privacy. “She is gorgeous but her face is hers to share, not mine. So while I won’t show her, I will share us. I will be processing this comedically, artistically, and spiritually for the rest of my life and I can’t wait.” She closed with a message of thanks to her fans. “Thank you all for your support. From the gifts from fans all over the world to the messages and the clothes, oh my god the clothes! Over my career you have watched me grow from a 25-year-old girl to a 38-year-old mother and I’ve been so lucky to have fans like you on this journey with me.”

Congratulations to Iliza and Noah on the arrival of baby Sierra! We wish them all the best as they embrace their life as new parents.

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