Actress Kelly McCreary, most notably known for portraying the role of Dr. Maggie Pierce on the long-standing medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, has announced the arrival of her first child! The actress shared the news exclusively with People Magazine.

Kelly and her husband, director Pete Chatmon, welcomed a baby girl on October 3rd in Los Angeles. The couple chose to name their first child Indigo Wren Chatmon. “Our everything…” Kelly wrote in the caption of the first photo she shared of her daughter. Kelly and Pete, who tied the knot in 2019, have been using the nickname Indi for their daughter as well.

The couple’s daughter arrived several weeks early and the actress was unable to go with her original birth plan. “We had planned a lovely, intimate home birth, but my bag of waters broke several weeks early, so I wound up delivering in the hospital,” Kelly shared with People. “Like many birthing people, about the only thing that went according to our birth plan was that the baby came out! I was just so relieved that we both made it through safely. Indigo had to spend some time in the NICU to finish cooking, but fortunately, there were no other complications. She is home and healthy!”

The actress, who has been absent thus far on season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, opened up about life as a new mom. “Emotionally, it has been a roller coaster, of course. Mostly highs, but also many moments of self-doubt and worry and guilt. I am grateful for an incredibly supportive family and community and so lucky to have several close friends who are also new moms and are sharing this journey with me. I want to model wellness and mindfulness for Indigo, so I’m also integrating as much of those practices back into our schedule as I can, which is good for us both.”

Congratulations to Kelly and Pete on the arrival of baby Indigo! We wish them continued blessings as they embrace life as parents.

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