Actress Kelly McCreary, famously known for portraying the role of Dr. Maggie Pierce on Grey’s Anatomy, has announced that she is expecting her first child! The actress partnered with ClearBlue to share the news. Kelly’s announcement featured her husband, director Pete Chatmon, pointing to a necklace the actress wore that read “Hot Mama.”

Kelly shared her excitement with a caption that read “When being late comes right on time… Surprise! WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Pete and I are thrilled to be growing our family, and to share the news with all of you! Lemme tell you, there’s nothing like finding out by seeing the word spelled out, clear as day, leaving no mystery whatsoever: PREGNANT! Thank you, Clearblue, for being with us on the journey!”

The television star also took this moment to discuss a cause of importance to her. “As part of this exciting moment, I wanted to help raise awareness for Clearblue partner March of Dimes and their amazing efforts to raise awareness for Black maternal and infant health. This year, they launched an implicit bias training for more than 15,000 health care providers with the goal of uncovering institutionalized racism in the health care system and training health care workers not to perpetuate the cycles of discrimination to achieve equity for all moms and babies. Please check out for more!”

Kelly and Pete met on the set of Grey’s Anatomy and tied the knot in May of 2019. No news yet as to whether Kelly’s pregnancy will be written into the show, her character did tie the knot in the season finale. Kelly shared with People that she doesn’t know whether the writers will write her pregnancy into the script. The show has had many actresses pregnant on the show, some with pregnancies written in and others where clever camera work was used to hide pregnancies.

Congratulations to Kelly and Pete on growing their family! We wish them all the best as they prepare for this exciting new journey.

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