British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds are engaged and are expecting a baby this summer!

The couple began dating in 2018 and moved in together this past summer. They’ve also adopted a dog named Dilyn together from an animal rescue charity in Wales. Carrie previously held the role as head of communications for the Tories, but now works for an ocean conservation charity.

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This new bundle of joy will be Boris’s sixth child. Boris shares four grown children with his ex-wife Marina Wheeler, a barrister. They have two daughters, Lara Lettice, their oldest child, and Cassie Peaches. They also have two sons, Milo Arthur and Theodore Apollo, the youngest of the clan.

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Boris’s family life has been fairly complicated due to a string of affairs he had during his marriage. Reportedly, Boris has another child who is the result of his affair with art consultant Helen Macintyre. Boris denied paternity to the little girl, named Stephanie born in 2009, and he wasn’t named on the birth certificate. However, his paternity was revealed after a 2013 court battle. It is believed that none of the Johnson family have anything to do with the little girl.

Nevertheless, this is a very exciting time for Boris and Carrie! This will be the first time in a decade that a sitting Prime Minister has welcomed a child. The last time was in August 2010, when David and Samantha Cameron welcomed Florence Rose Endellion into their family.

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