In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, moms across the globe are sharing their breastfeeding journeys. Each mom has a different experience with breastfeeding, each as meaningful and powerful as the next, no matter how long or short it lasted. We’ve rounded up the top celebs who have shared their own personal stories!

Troian Bellisario

Actress Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars posted an adorable photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter, whose name has yet to be revealed, despite being born nearly a year ago. Troian has kept her motherhood life fairly private since giving birth, sharing only a few images with her daughter, none of which show her face. Troian gets very real and raw about her journey, which is incredibly refreshing for other moms to read.


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Rachel Platten

Singer Rachel Platten shared her story about breastfeeding in an advertised post with Third Love to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. Rachel welcomed her daughter Violet in January of this year. Rachel got very real in her post as well, sharing that she felt lots of pressure to breastfeed despite her demanding job. She had an uplifting message for other new moms saying, “Mamas if you’re like me, please don’t feel guilt, we are doing our best!”.


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Katie Lowes

Actress Katie Lowes from Scandal fame has been quite active in discussing breastfeeding this week! On her podcast, Katie’s Crib, she spoke with actress Kristen Bell about their respective breastfeeding journeys in a very real and open discussion. She also posted a video of herself nursing her son Albee while attempting to learn a dance routine for Scandal. The actress shared that she felt overwhelming support by the Shondaland team during this time. That’s wonderful news to hear!


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Two Celebs Share Powerful Breast Pumping Shots

Let’s not forget the powerful images we were given at the end of last year from two very well-known actresses. Last December, actress Rachel McAdams was doing a photoshoot for Girls.Girls.Girls magazine and, like other breastfeeding mamas, she had to pump. Girls.Girls.Girls founder and photographer Claire Rothstein loved the realness of the moment and shared the behind-the-scenes shot that had moms everywhere cheering.


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Empowered by the image, Hilary Duff decided to take a powerful picture of her own. Duff has been very vocal about her journey through motherhood and has shared quite a few beautiful photos of her breastfeeding baby Banks. Ah, celebrity moms, they really are just like us!


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Am I doing this right? 😛

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