Comedian, actress, and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger and her husband Erik Stocklin welcomed twins earlier this month on November 6th. The twins, who were due to arrive in late December, were born nearly seven weeks early via c-section because Colleen had a dangerous umbilical cord complication called cord prolapse. Less than two weeks after their arrival, Colleen has shared the names she and Erik have chosen for their newborns.

Prior to revealing their names, Colleen, who is known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, affectionately referred to her girl-boy twins as “little ladybug” and “little worm.” For their daughter, the couple chose the name Maisy Joanne Stocklin and for their son, they named him Wesley Koy Stocklin.

Colleen shared a YouTube video where she went into detail on why they chose these names for their twins. For her son, Colleen wanted to give him a name that was a nod to her grandfather Wayne, “I went with the letter W. I really liked the sound of [Wesley] and… I looked it up and Wesley means western meadow and I really like nature names.” She continued by sharing that, “for Maisy… we knew we wanted to pass down my middle name which is May. So we tried to think of a bunch of different versions of the name May. When I said Maisy to Erik, he was like, ‘Yes, I love Maisy.'”

Maisy and Wesley join the Stoklin family with an older brother. The Haters Back Off star and her husband share a two-year-old son named Flynn Timothy.

Because the twins were born premature, they are in the NICU. Colleen opened up about the difficulty of leaving her babies at the hospital in an emotional Instagram post. “This is hard. There are no words to describe the heartbreak I feel when I have to leave my tiny babies at the hospital and go home without them,” she began. “I cry myself to sleep wishing they were sleeping in their bassinets next to me. I cry when I see their tiny little bodies covered in cords and connected to machines. I cry when my boobs ache in the middle of the night and I have to pump in the dark alone instead of bond with my babies as I feed them. I cry when I’m home because I feel guilty that I’m not with them making sure they know I love them and that I am their protector. We sit in their empty nursery when we come home without them and cry. This is hard.”

The YouTuber also expressed her gratitude to the NICU staff for caring for her newborns. “I don’t know how long it will be until I get to bring my babies home, but I am so incredibly grateful that they are as healthy as they can be for their age. And I cant even begin to express my gratitude for the incredible NICU nurses that take such good care of all the tiny babies that need help. My heart goes out to all NICU parents. I feel so connected to you because you are the only ones who understand this kind of heartache. This is hard.”

Congratulations to Colleen and Erik on the arrival of their twins! We wish Maisy and Wesley good health and send lots of love to the Stoklin family as they await their homecoming.

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