Country singer RaeLynn shared some exciting news to celebrate her 27th birthday. She is expecting her first child with her husband, former financial advisor Josh Davis! RaeLynn shared that she is 21 weeks along in her pregnancy.

The “God Made Girls” singer is set to give birth in September RaeLynn also revealed the gender of her first child. It’s a girl! She shared with People that she was shocked to discover she was having a girl. “I for sure thought I was having a boy — I don’t know why; I just did. Josh’s gut feeling the whole time was a girl, so he was right for sure. I didn’t care either way, though.” She went on to joke, “I should have known with my debut song ‘God Made Girls’ that God would give me a girl first!”

The Voice alum opened up about staying on top of her Type 1 diabetes during her pregnancy. “The main worry I had was managing my diabetes while carrying a baby. I’ve been so fortunate to have an amazing care team that has me on the best regimen. My diabetes and A1C has never been better than it is now.”

RaeLynn and Josh, who is in the US Army, proposed in October of 2015 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He led RaeLynn, 21 at the time, on a scavenger hunt visiting various places of meaning to the couple before he popped the question. A few months later in February of 2016, the couple tied the knot at a farm in Franklin, Tennessee.

Congratulations to RaeLynn and Josh on growing their family! We wish them all the best as they prepare for parenthood.

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