Actress Caterina Scorsone, most notably known for her role as Dr. Amelia Shepard in Grey’s Anatomy and spin-off Private Practice, has announced that she is expecting her third child with husband Robert Giles.

Caterina used Halloween to make the exciting announcement. She and her family were dressed as the Addams Family. Caterina was dressed as Morticia Addams and held her baby bump. She captioned the photo, “Our Family’s about to get even kookier. #pumpkinintheoven.”

Caterina and her husband have two daughters together, Eliza, 7, and Paloma (who her family calls Pippa), 2 1/2.

Caterina’s daughter Pippa was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Initially, the actress was sent into a tailspin. But one day, everything clicked. She shared, “This simple voice came to me where I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do — oh, I’m supposed to keep her safe and I’m supposed to make her feel loved,’” she said. “And suddenly my understanding of my job as a mother completely distilled and opened.”

Caterina has used her platform to educate and share her experiences as a mother to a child with Down Syndrome. It’s wonderful to see all the great things she posts about her two daughters.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress’s pregnancy has been written into her storyline for the show. On the premiere of the shows 16th season, which aired on September 26, it was revealed that Caterina’s character Amelia was pregnant. Caterina’s character became pregnant by newcomer Chris Carmac’s character Dr. Atticus Lincoln (also known as Link).

Caterina’s character isn’t the only one pregnant this season. Grey’s alum Chandra Wilson’s character Dr. Miranda Bailey is also pregnant. No news yet on whether this pregnancy is completely for the show or not. Chandra is not active on social media, so we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, it’s definitely an exciting time for the Grey’s cast!

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