Comedian Iliza Shlesinger is growing her family once again! The Good on Paper writer and leading star announced her pregnancy with a gender reveal video that featured a poignant message about gender reveal culture and its impact on the environment.

Iiza shared a video that begin as a skit of a traditional gender reveal party, showing clips of attendees eating sweet treats and drinking champagne. The fictional couple in the skit geared up to open a box that would release balloons to reveal the sex of their baby. Instead, the comedian popped out of the box exclaiming, “If you didn’t know balloons were bad before, it’s okay, we all know now. Global warming is such a huge issue and there’s not a lot you can do but what that least you can do is not release balloons, selfishly, into the air that come down into our nature and our waterways, killing our marine life. The least you can do is not rent a private plan and spray napalm in pink and blue all over your entire neighbors. And the very least you can do is not inadvertently commit arson by hodgepodging together homemade pyrotechnics that will burn down your community.”

Iliza, who wrote in her caption, “WE’RE SO EXCITED… that no one had to die when we made the announcement! 🌎 Remember, save the planet, our kids have to live here,” went on share how sharing about a new baby can be exciting but that it’s important to be cognizant of the impact of such practices. “Having a baby is such an exciting moment. Revealing the sex of the baby is even more exciting. And you can keep it simple… like this.” The comedian went on to official share her pregnancy news sharing, “This February, I’m having a boy.”

The Righteous Gemstones star welcomed her first baby with her husband in January 2022, a daughter named Sierra Mae. The actress referenced her daughter in her announcement sharing that she is “waiting with so many toys!”

Congratulations to Iliza and Noah on the news of their second baby!

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