Influencer Camila Coelho has announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband Ícaro. The blogger revealed that she is 23 weeks along in her pregnancy. “It has truly been the happiest 23 weeks of my life,” she shared in her post.

“DREAMS DO COME TRUE!” Camila began her post excitedly, which was accompanied by images of the influencer draped in a stunning brown gown as part of her feature with Vogue Brazil. “After a sensitive journey, with so much fear and many frustrations due to my epilepsy, God has blessed us with the most special gift in life, the one we have dreamed of the most – OUR BABY!!! I’m so happy to now share it with you guys!”

In her feature with the magazine, Camila opened up about her journey to conceive. The elaluz founder was diagnosed with epilepsy at nine years old. Due to the drugs she had to take because of her diagnosis, she was unable to use contraceptive pills as the medication decreases its effectiveness. “I imagined that I would get pregnant in the same month as the baby plan was started,” she revealed.

However, that was not the case. The couple tried to conceive for many months, which caused a lot of stress for Camila. “I started to feel a lot of anxiety and fear of never being able to get pregnant. I remember, with each period, sitting down and crying. I still lived in Los Angeles, a place where I felt very alone, I didn’t share this pain with anyone. I didn’t want to worry my mother about it, so I just had the support and affection of Ícaro. At a certain point, I decided to follow what I always heard from my mother: I put that expectation in God’s hands and prayed.”

Finally, this past November, the couple, who have been married since 2010, learned they were pregnant. “I was afraid of being disappointed,” she explained. “When I saw the positive, still hugging Icarus, I couldn’t cry because I was in shock. Was I really pregnant? I was really pregnant!”

Congratulations to Camila and Ícaro on growing their family! We wish them all the best as they prepare to welcome their little one this summer.

Kate Fann (she/her) is the celebrity blogger, as well as an established content writer, aspiring author, and social media expert. She has been featured in online publications such as Bolde, ManoByte, Medium, The Social Observer, and more. Kate has ghostwritten numerous romance novels and is currently working on publishing her own works in the Young Adult genre.

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