Jeannie Mai Jenkins, co-host of the talk show The Real, has announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband Jeezy, a rapper whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins. Jeannie shared the news exclusively with Women’s Health Magazine accompanied by a spread of maternity photos that features the stunning new mom-to-be.

The stylist wore a gorgeous blue maternity gown in her pictures, showing off her growing baby bump. Jeezy joined her in some of the shots as well. “Jeezy and I have been kind of saving this and hiding this for five months,” she shared with Women’s Health. “So, we’re relieved to finally share the news.” She also revealed that her co-hosts on The Real, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, and Garcelle Beauvais, had no idea she was expecting until this morning. She had been concealing her pregnancy over the last several months. “We have so much to reveal here on the show,” Jeannie shared this morning, “including the fact that I am pregnant!”

Jeannie and Jeezy decided to start a family over a year ago, a process that has been met with challenges. “It was not easy. We both needed a bit of assistance, especially with me being 41 at the time,” Jeannie shared. The couple had to go through In-Vitro Fertilization. Then, a month before their wedding at their home in Atlanta in March 2021, Jeannie learned that she was pregnant. However, soon after that, she suffered a miscarriage.

“I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I’d jinxed myself or cursed myself,” Jeannie shared on the experience. “My entire life, I never wanted children. When I say never, I’m talking a hard-stop never. Falling in love with Jeezy made me see life differently for myself. Our love is honest, pure, and safe… something I hadn’t felt as a child.”

A week after their wedding, the couple discovered they were pregnant. Jeannie shared that it made sense that the couple had conceived during the happiest most stress-free period of her life. While this little one will be Jeannie’s first child, Jeezy has three children: two sons named Jadarius and Shyheim and a daughter named Amra Nor.

Congratulations to Jeannie and Jeezy on the news of their first child together!

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