@mollymcnearney Twitter
@mollymcnearney Twitter

There’s a lot of good news around Jimmy Kimmel’s house lately – not only is the late night talker hosting the Oscars for the first time, his wife, Molly McNearney, is pregnant!

Jimmy made the announcement during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying: “And also, my wife is hosting a baby inside her body. So that’s exciting.”

He added, “We got the ultrasound, which is weird because you’re spying on the baby…but we asked the technician not to tell us whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Our plan is to let the child decide for itself.”

As for the name, Jimmy is keeping it under wraps, but did offer a few options: “We want that to be a surprise, but I have been trying to think of names that would work for a boy or girl. So far, I’ve come up with two: number one, Dyson after the vacuum, or Jelatin with a J. No? That’s exactly what my wife said.”

He joked, “So there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on. Congratulations to me. I’m hosting the Oscars and I had sex. Two things as a teenage boy I never thought would be possible.”

Jimmy and Molly have been married since 2013 and have a daughter, Jane, who is 2-years-old. Jimmy has a son, Kevin, and a daughter, Katherine, both from his first marriage.

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