Just two weeks ago, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry revealed she and her partner Elijah Scott had welcomed their first baby together, baby number 5 for the reality star. The news came following weeks of speculation,but it appears that wasn’t the only secret Kailyn was keeping. Kailyn and Elijah are pregnant again and this time, they’re expecting twins!

On her podcast Barely Famous, Kailyn revealed to her guest Allison Kuch, a TikTok star, that she is pregnant. Discussing how they both went to Thailand at the same time, Kailyn shared, “We were not even near each other, but what are the odds? And then I guess we both came home with permanent souvenirs.” A surprised Allison responded, “Wait, you came home with a permanent souvenir? Oh my god, why did I not know this? We both got pregnant in Thailand.” Kailyn went on to explain, “I must have got pregnant right before I left and I had no idea.” The reality star recalled about her trip, “So when I got there, I was eating everything. My face was flushed, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was like, there’s no way. There’s no way I am.”

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Kailyn later went on to explain that she wasn’t just expecting one baby but two. “This is my … sixth pregnancy, like six and seven for me. And I’ve gotten pregnant when I’m not actually … like I’ve tracked my ovulation and I’ve gotten pregnant on days that were not my ovulation window.” In addition to her twins, Kailyn shares a 1-year-old son named Rio with Elijah. The “Pride Over Pity” author has four other boys with three previous partners. She shares her first son,Isaac, 13, with Jo Rivera and her second son, 9-year-old named Lincoln with Javi Marroquin. She shares two sons named Lux, 6, and Creed, 3 with her ex Chris Lopez.

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Congratulations to Kailyn and Elijah on the news of their twins!

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