Jett and Ray Ling Song / @lisalingstagram

Journalist Lisa Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, have welcomed their second child – daughter Ray Ling Song.  Paul, an oncologist, shared the happy news on social media. “Welcome our baby girl…Ray (of light) Ling Song.”  The proud father told People that Ray weighed 6 lbs., 12 oz. and mother and baby were doing great.

The host of This is Life With Lisa Ling told People that the couple’s eldest daughter, three-year-old Jett, was very excited to have a little sister.   “She’s at an age now where I think she gets it.  She’s willing to share.” Ling admitted, “Really, this is a gift to her, because I actually am really happy with one child.”

Ling’s journey to motherhood was not without its challenges; she shared publicly that she had suffered through two miscarriages before successfully delivering Jet.  The former The View co-host told Today’s Parent, “I don’t see myself as a celebrity per se. I’ve been working in television for a long time, and I take what I do as a broadcast journalist very seriously. But my work has been seen on TV for long time. So people seem slightly interested in my personal life…Also, I talked about my two miscarriages before I had my baby. The miscarriages made me feel alone and defeated. No matter how confident a woman you are, they can really affect you.  When I talked to people I realized it’s OK and it’s quite widespread. So when I was about to have my baby, there was interest as to whether she was going to be all right.”

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