Musician John Osborne of the country music duo Brothers Osborne is going to become a father. John and his wife Lucie Silvas, a singer and songwriter, are expecting their first children together. That’s right, they are pregnant with twins!

The couple debuted Lucie’s baby bump at the CMA Awards last night. During John’s acceptance speech for his duo’s award of Vocal Duo of the Year, he shouted out his wife by sharing, “I love you babe, you’re gonna be an amazing mom.” John and Lucie spoke exclusively with People about their exciting family news. “We are so excited. It is such an amazing thing to be in this position to be growing two babies. When you think that you may never have the chance to have children and then suddenly you’re going to have two, it’s amazing.”

To conceive their twins, the couple went through in-virto fertilization (IVF). “We went through a very long, tough journey with IVF to get to this point,” Lucie shared with People. “We had an embryo transfer where we transferred two embryos thinking that would give us a better chance of getting one [baby], but we got two. I think deep down, we were hoping for two.” John elaborated on the IVF journey and the difficulties that come with it by adding, “The very first sonogram we had and saw that there were two heartbeats and two living embryos inside of her, that was a success story. Every little seemingly small step for some people in this journey, for those that have had to endure IVF numerous times, you start to very much appreciate every little achieved goal in the process. We certainly do.”

John and Lucie first met in 2007 during a songwriter’s session and maintained a friendship before becoming romantically involved. The couple tied the knot in a rather untraditional way with just a few in attendance: singer Maren Morris, friend Sonya Jisinski and their dog Barley. Lucie reflected on their wedding day in her interview sharing, “We weren’t even traditional with marriage. We got married one day with Ring Pops in our living room! It was very off-the-cuff, it wasn’t planned, really — we just weren’t very traditional people.”

Congratulations to John and Lucie on the news of their twins! We wish them good health as they prepare to welcome their first children into the world.

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