NFL player Jake Matthews, offensive tackle of the Atlanta Falcons, has welcomed his first child with his wife Meggi! The arrival of Jake’s little one was met with quite a dramatic entrance, as the football player was about to play a game when his wife went into labor.

On Thursday, Jake was in Charlotte, NC the morning before his team was set to play the Carolina Panthers when he received a call from Meggi, a sports broadcaster, sharing that she had gone into labor. Meggi had been scheduled for an induction that Sunday, but the couple’s baby had other plans. “Only you would come on game day baby boy! Here we go!! Let’s get dad back for this game!” Meggi shared on Instagram ahead of her child’s arrival. Jake shared with ESPN that, at the time, he “was just scrambling making a decision of what to do. [I was] hoping to catch a flight and that didn’t work out so forget it, we’ll jump in a car, and let’s drive.”

Jake left Charlotte at 9:30 AM and arrived in Atlanta exactly three hours later at 12:30 PM. Jake and Meggi, who wed in March 2021, welcomed a baby boy named Beckett Thomas at around 3 PM. The NFL player was only able to spend about 15 minutes with his son before he had to go back to Charlotte for his game. Arthur Blanke, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons picked Jake up from the hospital and the football player was seen entering the field less than an hour before kickoff time.

Following Beckett’s arrival, Meggi shared the first photo of her son alongside a caption expressing gratitude for her life as a new parent. “The most perfect addition to our family arrived well before expected, 3 and a half weeks early and God had his hands all over it clearly!! You made a heck of an entrance Beckett Thomas Matthews. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support over the last few days!! Officially a family of 3! We truly have never known a love like this and can’t thank God enough for this perfect blessing. Our own slice of heaven.”

Congratulations to Jake and Meggi on the arrival of their baby boy! We wish them all the best in their new role as parents to Beckett.

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